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«Mom in the middle», Tom Allison

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Debby tried to shut her thighs around Robbie's hand. But Robbie kept on fingerfucking her, thrusting his finger knuckle deep into the clasping wetness of her tight little hole. Soon Debby felt an irresistible warmth spread through her loins. Her cunt was actually throbbing now, spewing her fragrant pussy juices all over Robbie's hand.

Then Debby simply couldn't stand it. She'd always been afraid of losing control. Now it had finally happened.

Debby bit her lip, trying to restrain herself a second longer. Then she whimpered and spread her thighs as far apart as her dress would let them go, relinquishing her burning pussy to the pleasures of Robbie's fondling.

"Unggghh! Do it now Robbie, play with me!" she gasped. Uncontrollably she humped her ripe ass off the car seat, fucking her cunt on her boyfriend's hand. "Unh! Harder Robbie, do it hard!"

Robbie leaned over until he was about to fall off the seat. To Debby's horror, he thrust his head under her dress. Before she could stop him he pulled her crotch band aside and buried his face into the steaming fissure of her pussy, beginning to eagerly lick up the juices that flowed from her cunt.

Debby was shocked. She had never dreamed of letting a boy suck her pussy, and couldn't imagine why Robbie would want to do such a depraved thing. But she was too horny to resist him. She simply spread her thighs further apart and pulled at his hair, letting him have his way between her legs.

Robbie was entranced by the smell, feel and appearance of his girlfriend's virgin pussy. It was a very pretty cunt, soft and plump, covered thickly with curls of light brown hair that spread up Debby's lower belly.

He started licking her aching pussy as if he'd been doing it all his life. Squirming on the car seat, he thrust his tongue deeply into her fuck hole and pumped it in and out. Then he found her stiff clit and sucked it deep into his mouth, at the same time fingering her pussy slit with his hand.

"Unggghhh! Oh Robbie… oh God, that's gross, unhhh! Awww, Robbie, nnnggg…"

Debby couldn't believe that her body could feel so good. Her clit tingled wildly against Robbie's tongue, and her cunt was so wet that her inner thighs were damp with her dripping juices.

Debby grimaced feverishly and shook her head back and forth against the back of the seat helplessly, gasping and whining with pleasure. She pulled Robbie's hair and humped her ass rhythmically, overcome with desire, fucking her cunt all over his face.

"Take off this God damn dress," Robbie muttered, breathing the words around her steaming pussy. "I want to see what I'm sucking!"

Debby didn't hesitate. She whipped off her dress and hurled it onto the back seat, leaving herself naked from the waist down except for her black, high-heeled shoes. Then she tore her panties completely from her body.

Even in the dim moonlight that filtered through the steamed windows, her hairy pussy mound looked juicy and wet. It was like she'd been waiting for Robbie to make her cum all night.

"I'm gonna fuck you now," Robbie muttered. Staring at her dripping pussy, he fumbled hurriedly with the belt and zipper of his pants. "I'm sick of getting blue balls from making out with you!"

"No, Robbie!" Debby clamped her thighs together and looked at him fearfully. "You can't do that! I'm a virgin!"

Robbie knew how to get his girlfriend to submit. He returned his mouth to her pussy and sucked her clit extremely hard, holding apart her cunt lips with his fingers, nipping and tugging and licking at the tiny bud.

Debby whined and bucked her ass off the seat as if she'd been shot. Just as Robbie had expected, her legs spread wide apart.

Robbie withdrew his mouth and pulled his pants and boxer shorts down to his knees, exposing his throbbing stiff dick. His was the first cock Debby had ever seen in her life. Immediately she found that it made her much hornier than she'd been before, that she couldn't take her eyes off it.

It looked like a real big one. The pink, blue veined shaft that stood out of Robbie's cock hairs was at least seven inches long, crowned by a bulbous, spongy head that was almost purplish in coloring. Even as Debby looked at his prick it jumped and jerked up and down, there was white, liquid oozing from the little hole in his cock head, and Debby guessed that was his jism. From the hardness of his cock, it looked as if he was going to start shooting cum all over her body at any moment.

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