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«Mom in the middle», Tom Allison

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When she was eighteen years old, Debby Griffith had never fucked a boy, or had her pussy eaten, or even seen a man's naked cock. A lot of other teenagers in her high school slept around and gave their boyfriends blow jobs, but Debby considered herself a good girl. She was saving herself for the man she married.

It was hard to be a good girl when you were very pretty. Debby was one of the prettiest girls in the whole county. She had long, thick blonde hair, wide blue eyes, and a soft cheeked, ripe-lipped face that might have belonged to a movie star.

Debby's best feature was her breasts. They were so big that they almost embarrassed her. She had trouble finding a large enough bra, and even the thick Maidenform-type couldn't conceal the size of her huge, red nipples. Even with a bra on, her tits jiggled and swayed under a blouse; it made her blush the way men gawked at her when she walked down the hall.

The rest of her body was just as voluptuous. She had a slim bone structure, and her legs were long and shapely, and her ass was full, round and very firm. All her female, classmates were jealous of her, and half of the boys thought about fucking her whenever, they jacked off.

But Debby was a good girl, and she never let them touch her. The only boy she made out with at all washer boyfriend, Robbie.

Robbie was a twenty-year-old student at the local junior college. He was very handsome, Debby thought; he had a tall, slender body, brown hair, and a boyishly good looking face.

Tonight was a special time. It was their first anniversary; they'd been going together one whole year. To celebrate they'd gone to see the triple feature horror movies at the nearby drive-in theatre.

Now they were parked on the fourth ramp from the front, in Robbie's hot-rodded 1955 Chevrolet hardtop. The weather wasn't really very good for seeing the movie. It was drizzling rain, and cold, and the old fashioned blower heater under the dashboard had blanketed all the windows in steam.

Robbie didn't mind. He was too busy feeling up Debby's big tits.

Her blouse was open, unbuttoned to her waist. The front clasp of her bra had been unfastened, and the huge cups hung at her sides. Robbie's fingers squeezed and kneaded the spongy softness of her right breast, occasionally pulling on the stiff nipples.

Debby sat with her eyes closed, giving herself up to the tit massage. She allowed Robbie to go this far with her, but it worried her. Sometimes, when he fondled her tits, she got so horny that it was hard to keep herself from fucking him.

All of a sudden, Robbie dropped his face to her jiggling breasts. Before Debby could stop him he took the circle of her big nipple deep into his mouth, sucking it hard.

"Stop it, Robbie!" Debby protested. She grimaced and tried to push his head away. "You know you're not supposed to do that!"

Robbie said nothing. Instead he only made crude, slurping sounds as he sucked on her tit. His tongue rolled around the stiff tip of her nipple, teasing it, making it exquisitely hard.

"Unhhh… oh, Robbie… unhh!" Debby grunted. A wanton blush spread through her cheeks; she felt herself becoming dangerously turned on. "Don't do that to me… you're making me so hot… stop it, unhhhhh."

"You ain't gonna make me suffer anymore," Robbie grumbled. "I been waiting on this for a whole fucking year!"

Robbie kept on sucking her huge white tit, chewing the stiff nipple between his lips. Debby didn't know what to do. She didn't want to fight with her boyfriend, but he was making her so horny that she was about to lose control. Under her panties, her curly haired pussy slit was a sopping, dripping mess.

Then Robbie did something even more unexpected. He thrust his hand under her dress between her soft thighs. Debby felt his fingers groping under the crotch band of her panties. The next thing she knew he was pumping his finger in and out of her virgin cunt.

"Unnggghhh!" Debby groaned. In spite of herself she felt her clit stiffen, and her pussy walls clasp hungrily around his finger. "Stop it this instant!" she cried, pummeling his back feebly with her fists. "I mean it Robbie! I'm going to start screaming."

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