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«Hot wild babysitter», Ted Leonard

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Pretty Pam Turner's heart pounded wildly behind her small tits when she found her father home alone. The minute she saw him in his T-shirt and shorts she knew her mother was out. He always sat around like that when his wife was gone. And it scared Pam.

She shut the door behind her, and her sharp gaze flew to her father's lap. There was a large bulge in his white shorts with a big wet spot on top of it. Pam could plainly see he had been playing with his cock again.

Her breathing quickened and she tore her gaze from the frightening monstrosity. Without a word of greeting, she hurried to her own room. She quickly closed the door and leaned against it, breathing erratically, hoping against hope that her father wouldn't bother her.

She waited with bated breath for several minutes. Then she heaved a sigh and her tensed shoulders sagged. Her jutting little tits stopped thrusting in her shirt. She felt better.

She finally pushed away from the door and moved across the room, knowing she had to change but of her school clothes and hating that fact. She slowly unbuttoned her cute little shirt and the V neckline spread wide to reveal the gentle slopes of her tight young tits. She just started to pull the shirt out of her tight waisted skirt when the door swung wide.

Pam whirled and her heart hammered as her eyes flew wide. Her blood rushed through her veins and her tits rose up nervously, the sharp tips poking hard in the material of her halfopen shirt.

A look of extreme dread spoiled her pretty face and her voice cracked as she rasped, "Daddy – don't come in my room."

Her father, a heavy-set man with thick biceps, stepped inside and chuckled, "That's no way to greet your dad, kitten."

Fear flashed in Pam's blue eyes. She stepped back and pulled her shirt closed over her nubile little tits. "And don't call me kitten," she said weakly, her eyes glancing at the huge bulge in his moist shorts. "I'm not a kitten."

"Sure you are," her father said with a slow grin. He moved right up to her, towering over her, and he circled her slim waist with a hairy arm. He pulled her against his throbbing hardon and said, "You're a cute, cuddly little pussy."

Pam gasped to feel his cock hotly throbbing against her flat belly. Her ears burned and her small fists pushed at his powerful chest as she whimpered, "I asked you not to say things like that."

Ignoring her girlish protests, he stared down at her parted shirt front. "How's your cute little tits today?" he rasped hotly. His prick jumped.

His huge hand pushed her shirt open and a small tit, tipped with a rather large pink nipple, poked out cutely. He grinned and grasped her tit in his hand, squeezing it until the nipple stood up.

Pam shuddered and in a small voice she whimpered, "Daddy… please… don't."

He opened her shirt all the way and his massive hand traveled freely across both jutting tits as his cock pulsed strongly near her crotch. Pam cringed and felt dwarfed by him, dwarfed and threatened. His powerful hand mauling her tender tits made the small mounds tighten up and quiver as Pam caught her breath.

"Daddy… no…" she whined.

"Now quit giving me a hard time," he said, tweaking her left nipple. "You know you like it."

"I don't, I don't," Pam sobbed suddenly. She started to cry, afraid not so much because her raunchy father was toying with her tits but because her tits got too aroused when he did that. She hated the way he could make her body respond, when she didn't want to.

"I know what you need," her father said thickly. "You like to be coaxed, don't you?"

He grasped her slender waist in a vise-grip and pulled her across the room. Pam sobbed and tried to hold back, but she was no match for his brute strength.

"No… ohhh, noooo…" she cried as he dragged her to her bed. Tears streamed down her smooth cheeks as he forced her down on her back and tied her hands to the bed post with a length of hair ribbon from her nightstand.

Her shirt spread open and her naked little tits heaved on her chest. Her father sat beside her and leered at them. Chuckling lewdly, he mashed them beneath his big hand until Pam gasped and squirmed.

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