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«The tempting twins», Ray Todd

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Claudine Harris was watching the twins doing their homework as she applied the clear polish to her nails. Claudine, a high school teacher of twenty-four, had been both a mother and sister to the teenagers since they'd lost their parents in a tragic auto accident a few years ago. Her father had left them the home and a fairly adequate insurance policy, and combined with her income as a teacher, Claudine was doing an excellent job of raising her little brother and sister.

At the age of eighteen, Jody and Judy were handsome youngsters with freckle dusted faces and bright red hair. Raising the teenagers had severely curtailed Claudine's social life, but she didn't really mind. She avoided becoming personally involved with men as she realized that a suitor was not anxious to take on the burden of two young teenagers. She realized that she'd still be in her early thirties when the teenagers were raised, and she'd still have plenty of time for a family of her own.

The one thing that did bother Claudine was sexual frustration. Not wanting to complicate her life, she'd made a point of avoiding male advances, and being an extremely sensuous girl, she depended solely on masturbation for relief. Claudine realized that the male teachers at school considered her a beautiful, but cold woman and she often wondered what they would think if they realized how much she fantasized about them when she fingered herself off. There was nothing in the world that Claudine wanted more than a good fuck, but she knew this would have to wait. No man was ever going to complicate her life until the twins had been raised.

"Where ya goin' tonight?" asked Judy when she saw her older sister drying her nails.

"Over to Mr. Williams' house to correct some exams," she explained.

Claudine didn't notice the naughty grin that passed between the twins when she announced that she was going out.

"Will you be late?" asked Jody.

"No," smiled Claudine. "I'll only be a couple of hours."

Ralph Williams was one of Claudine's best friends at the school. He was the vice-principal, and his wife, Edna, had helped Claudine tremendously when she first started teaching. As a couple in their mid-fifties, Claudine almost considered them as parents and they treated her as one of the family.

When her nails were dry, Claudine picked up her brief case of test papers and started walking toward the door, her long blonde hair cascading down her back.

"I'll be home early," she smiled back at the twins as she left the house.

The two teenagers sat completely still until they were sure she'd gone.

"Ready?" Jody asked, his green eyes dancing with excitement.

"Sure," giggled Judy, her little freckled face radiant with joy.

Without a moment's hesitation, Jody lowered the zipper on his jeans and whipped out his stiff little prick. It had only been two weeks since the teenagers had discovered how much fun it was for Judy to jack him off, and they were now doing it every chance they had.

"Let's go up to your room," whispered Judy. "We don't wanta shoot your goo all over the sofa."

"Okay," grinned Jody, following his little twin sister up the stairs.

When they entered his room, Jody stripped off his clothes and threw himself back on the bed, his stiff young dick throbbing wildly.

"Come on," he whispered excitedly. "Start playin' with it?"

Lying down next to him, Judy rested her pretty little face on his bare chest and reached down for his prick. The boy's entire young body gave a lurch when his sister wrapped her cool fingers around his stiff naked cock.

"Oh, jeez!" he gasped when she began tenderly sliding his foreskin up and down over his sensitive cockhead.

Looking down, he could see the bright pinkness of his cockhead peeking out from her little clenched fist as she lustily pumped his cock.

"Does that feel neat?" she asked excitedly, teasing his foreskin back and forth over his excited cockhead.

"Wow!" he gasped, his entire young body shuddering with excitement.

Smiling tenderly at her brother, Judy continued stroking his rigid little prick with a slow sensuous rhythm. The way she was teasing his tingling cock was driving him wild. Whenever Jody beat his own meat, he pounded it as rapidly as possible, but these slow gentle strokes from his sister were driving them wild.

"Faster! Faster!" he panted, feeling his ejaculation building up in his tight pink little balls.

"No!" she giggled, continuing the same slow tempo that she knew was driving him crazy.

Her face resting on his chest as she teased his foreskin back and forth, she stared with fascination at the little slit in the tip of his bright pink cockhead. She was eagerly waiting to see his cum shoot out and splatter all over his belly.

"Jeez!" he panted. "I'm gonna shoot! I'm gonna shoot!"

"Good," Judy giggled, excited at the prospect of watching his jizz squirt out.

Without any further warning, a stream of hot cum spewed out of the end of his jerking cock, splattering all over her face and hair. Quickly releasing his spurting prick, she began wiping her sperm-drenched face with the back of her arm. She was startled by the strange but exciting taste of his cum when she accidentally drew her arm over her half-parted lips. Fascinated by the rich taste and slippery texture, she began eagerly licking it from the back of her hand.

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