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«Incest teacher», Ray Todd

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It was Saturday morning, and Laura Mason was wearing nothing but a dressing gown as she sat in her kitchen sipping coffee. She was in her mid-thirties, and had a sensational figure and beautiful face. She had soft full lips, smoky-gray eyes and lustrous dark hair that she wore in a page-boy style.

A widow, Laura Mason was a history teacher at the local high school. She had two children, Jerry and Gail. Jerry was a big muscular youth who played on the football teem, and Gail was a quiet, but beautiful young girl with long blonde hair.

Sipping her coffee, Laura wondered if Jerry was awake yet. He usually slept late on Saturdays, and the woman couldn't hear him stirring around upstairs. Gail had gone to play tennis with a friend, and Laura felt a bit restless in the quietness of the house.

Finally, getting up from the table, she walked upstairs to her son's room. He was lying on his back, sound asleep, with nothing but a sheet over him. Laura sat down on the edge of the bed and gently removed the sheet from his naked body. The sight of his thick, limp cock flopped back against his belly made her twat itch with excitement.

Knowing that her son liked to be awakened with his prick in her mouth, she leaned over and lightly brushed her lips across his soft cock. The musky aroma that assailed her nostrils seemed to further arouse the horny woman. Feeling the passionate love she had for the boy, she tenderly picked up the heavy cock in her fingers. She loved the soft warmth of his velvet-smooth prick against her hand. Lowering her face further down, she teasingly licked the little pee-slit on his cock head with the tip of her tongue.

Hot juices were pouring out of her glowing pussy as she lovingly fondled his prick. She opened her mouth and took the end of his big knob between her lips. With only the sensitive tip of his knob in her mouth, she gently licked and sucked on it.

From the way he stirred and moaned, Laura knew he had to be feeling it in his sleep. Becoming more horny by the moment, she opened her mouth wider to get more of his prick inside. Finally, when more than half of his cock was embedded in her mouth, she could feel his shaft swelling and throbbing. Feeling him stirring slightly, she worked her tongue faster around his expanding dick as it began pressing out against the soft insides of her cheeks.

Now fondling his balls as his cock stiffened in her mouth, Laura could hear him moaning as he slowly awakened.

"Hi, Mom," he whispered, lazily opening his eyes.

"Hello, darling," she replied, as she continued licking his hard boner.

The whole thing had started shortly after her husband had passed away six years ago. Jerry had been terribly upset about the loss of his father. In order to comfort the young boy, Laura started taking him to bed with her. One night, when Jerry rolled over against her, she felt his hard little prick poking against her back. There was something about the feel of his hard prick that strangely excited her, to the point that she inched down and grasped his little hard-on with her fingers. She had taken the young boy in her arms and stroked his cute boner until he shot his wad. Jerry had enjoyed it so much that, from then on, she always jacked him off before he went to sleep. Within a couple of months, she was giving him nightly blow-jobs, and before long she'd taught him how to fuck her.

That had been six years ago and Laura had never regretted the act. It had given Jerry a healthy sex life, and as a widow who didn't have time to date, he'd kept her from becoming frustrated. Because his little sister, Gail, was growing up, Jerry could no longer sleep with his mother, but they found the time to fuck once or twice a week.

"Well," Laura whispered to her handsome son, when he was fully awake. "Did you like that?"

"You bet I did," he said, grinning. "I love it when you suck me awake."

Standing up, Laura removed her dressing gown before rejoining him on the bed.

"God, Mom, you sure have beautiful tits," he whispered, taking his naked mother into his arms.

A warm tingling sensation raced through her body as his big strong fingers began gently squeezing her hard nipples. Enjoying the way he was caressing her tits, Laura once more lowered her mouth down over Jerry's hard boner.

"Gee, Mom," he whispered. "I love it when you suck on my cock."

"And I love the taste of it," she sighed, a warm glow in her eyes. "Am I gonna get a nice big mouthful of cum?"

"You can bet your ass on that," grinned the handsome boy.

Moments later, when his body began jerking as he clawed at his mother's tits, she knew he was almost ready to pop his nuts. Wanting him to have a beautiful climax, she began sucking harder and deeper on his tasty cock.

"Oh, God, Mom!" he panted. "That feels so fuckin' good."

Writhing frantically on the bed, Jerry was wildly thrusting his hips up, fucking his dick deep into his mother's throat. The pleasure was fantastic and the intense ecstasy was mounting with every second.

"Oh, shit, Mother!" he gasped. "I'm almost there!"

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