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«Hottest wife in town», R Finch

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"It's driving me crazy," Gail Sanders said with a noticeable tremor in her voice. "I must be a nymphomaniac or something."

Doctor Hillman, the only psychiatrist in the small Southern town of Blaineville, patted the pretty brunette's hand reassuringly. A large, robust man in his forties with a ruddy complexion and blue eyes which seemed almost too small for his wide face, he said quietly, "Tell me about it."

Lying on the couch with her shoes off, Gail nodded nervously. She was a well-dressed young woman of eighteen, tail and shapely, with pitch-black hair and eyes as brown as brown could be. In a short skirt that showed her bare knees, she tried to get more comfortable.

"I can't seem to get enough sex," she said simply. "Paul and I have only been married for two months, but already I want to go to bed with every man I see."

"Goon," Doctor Hillman murmured.

Gail took a deep breath to steady herself. "When Paul and I have sex, it's always good. But then after he's asleep, I find myself wanting it again and again and again. It scares me sometimes to think that no one man could satisfy my-my sexual needs."

"And is this something new?" the doctor asked. "These urges of yours?"

The young woman on the couch blushed. "I've always needed a lot of sex," she said slowly. "I went to high school in Dempsey. Over there, I had a reputation for being easy. If Paul ever found out, it'd kill him. But I couldn't help it. Even then, I needed more sex than one man could give me. Sometimes, I'd let a bunch of boys gang-bang me."

And with that, Gail started crying. "I'm just always horny," she stammered, ashamed. "It's like having a constant itch between my legs. The slightest touch on my clit sends me right up the wall. Even wearing panties that are too tight drives me wild. What am I going to do? I love Paul, but…"

"First of all, learn to relax," Doctor Hillman said, his eyes suddenly darting down along Gail's supple body. "For instance, do you feel any sexual excitement right now?"

"Yes," Gail confided, swallowing hard. "I've been glancing at your crotch while we were talking. Oh God, what's wrong with me?"

And then, she jerked slightly when she suddenly felt Doctor Hillman's hand drop to her knee. "Doctor!" She turned to him abruptly, but could only watch helplessly as his hand slid up along her bare thigh and under her skirt. "What are you doing?" the young woman breathed, knowing full well.

"Nothing to get excited about," Doctor Hillman smiled. "I'm just conducting a simple test here. No reason for alarm."

As Gail watched spellbound, the good doctor inched his hand up her firmly-rounded thigh until his fingers found the damp crotch of her filmy panties. Moving from his chair to a kneeling position beside the couch, he probed under the band of lacy fabric and pushed a lone finger up into the trembling girl's slippery cunt.

"Uhhhh!" Gail gasped when Doctor Hillman squeezed her hairy crotch with his hand. "My pussy's already on fire! Push your finger farther up my cunt! I love the way it feels!"

Sweat dotting his face, the doctor started sliding his finger slowly in and out of Gail's juicy snatch. He kept squeezing her crotch, the lush juices of the girl's cunt oozing out between his fingers.

Squirming on the couch, Gail spread her bare thighs to give the large man room to work. She shuddered uncontrollably every time his finger probed up into her tight cunt. She was powerless to stop him, the pleasure he gave her was the kind she found impossible to resist.

"Take my panties off!" she urged, wanting more than merely the doctor's finger in her snatch. "Pull my panties down and then fuck me! I want your cock!"

While Doctor Hillman tugged her underwear down, Gail quickly unbuttoned her blouse. Since she never wore a bra, her tits jiggled free, her dark nipples so swollen with lust they throbbed.

Spying her bare tits, the heavy-set man lunged at them, his mouth attacking one rubbery nipple. With his face pressed to Gail's exquisitely round tits, he pushed his hand back up under her skirt and continued squeezing her hairy pussy.

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