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«Sisters wet panties», Kathy Harris

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It was after midnight at the Wagner house and everyone in the family was in bed for the night. Everyone that is, except for Kay and her big brother, Nick. This was not the first night that the two teenagers had stayed up after everyone else had gone to bed, and they both knew that it wouldn't be the last. For, Kay and Nick had been secretly fucking each other for over a year now.

Nick sat in an overstuffed chair across from Kay who sat on the couch. He studied the young girl as he had so many times recently, realizing all over again just how lucky he was to have such a gorgeous, sexy chick available to him to fuck anytime he had the urge. Kay smiled seductively at her brother. Her hair was like gold, tumbling down around her shoulders in gentle waves. She had "bedroom eyes" and her mouth was full and sensual. Her face was young and gorgeous but it was only the beginning of the rare beauty that made men's heads turn wherever she went. Kay also had a body that wouldn't quit long, slender legs, a narrow waist, and gigantic tits that stood straight out from her chest.

Good looks ran in the Wagner family for all the females were blonde, big titted and gorgeous. And all the males, were tall, handsome, and ruggedly built with wide shoulders and muscular frames, even the youngest of the boys in the family.

"I'm gonna go get a soda," Kay said, suddenly rising and moving toward the kitchen.

Nick rose, too, following his sexy sister. His eyes fixed on the perky sway of her little ass, which strained tightly against the denim cut-off shorts she wore, each ass cheek threatening to pop out from beneath the frayed edges of the fabric. The cut-offs were split up the side almost to the waistband, exposing a lot of the girl's pink, tempting thighs. And, from past experience, Nick knew that his sister wasn't wearing any panties. She rarely did for, as she had told Nick one evening, she always wanted to be ready for a good fuck.

The kitchen door swung closed behind the brother and sister and Kay swung around to face Nick. Her arms wound around his strong neck and she pulled herself snugly against him. The huge mounds of her tits rolled over his chest and her mouth covered his. For long moments, the teenagers tongue kissed each other, embracing tightly and moaning with excitement.

"Mmmmmm," Kay sighed, easing back a little. "I've been wanting to kiss you like that all night!"

"Yeah, me too, baby," the boy muttered huskily. Then, her mouth was once more planted over his and her tongue darted into his mouth, twisting and turning and exciting him with lewd thrills that raced up and down his spine and made his big cock stiffen.

"Come on," Kay said, pulling away from him. "Let's go back into the living room and have a little fun. But let's get the sodas first. Fucking always makes me thirsty."

Nick laughed softly and, opening the refrigerator, took out two sodas. He opened them and followed Kay back into the living room. The girl's blouse was no longer buttoned. It was now tied in a large knot beneath the bulging mounds of her tits. And, her eyes glittered with excitement as she watched her brother take in the exciting curves of her partly exposed tits. "You're really sexy, you know that, Kay? The sexiest chick I've ever known!" Nick said, his voice filled with admiration.

"Thanks, Brother dear, but you know, you're really something yourself!" Kay said, flashing him her warmest smile. Back in the living room, Kay took a deep drink of her soda, but at the same time she ran one of her hands up the boy's thigh in a deliberate teasing motion as they sat side by side on the large couch. When her hand stopped, her fingers moved to the crotch of his jeans and rested on the growing hard on then.

Nick moaned and reached out, pulling his sister against him. Their lips met again and their tongues flicked hotly against each other. Then he thrust deeply, driving toward the back of her throat. Kay moaned around his taunting tongue, turning on even more. As they continued to tongue kiss passionately, Kay rubbed her brother's crotch greedily. The huge cock still concealed in his pants strained painfully against the fabric, trying to free itself as Kay caressed it. While she continued to stroke her brother's prick, Kay's lips and tongue clamped down around his tongue. She held his tongue firmly and the boy realized that she wouldn't let go until she was good and ready. Then she sucked. Hard and fiercely, she tugged on his tongue, as if she wanted to pull it out at the root. Her own tongue whipped and twisted around his, while her rubbing hand increased the pressure of its strokes. Nick's hands slid from Kay's back, inching toward her bulging tits.

"Mmmmmm," the young girl moaned into her brother's mouth as he rubbed her big tits. Suddenly Kay's mouth released Nick's tongue and her hand grasped his wrists. A glowing fire of lust burned deeply within her beautiful eyes as she gazed up at her handsome brother. "Just relax, honey. I've got something special planned for you," she murmured huskily.

The boy grinned and offered no objections as his sister eased him back on the sofa, her fingers working to unbutton his shirt. Pulling his shirt open to expose his chest, she leaned down and licked and sucked his chest flesh meanwhile, her hands continued downward.

First, the snap to his jeans popped, and then there was a slight hissing sound as she eased his zipper down. Her fingers climbed back to his waist and slipped between the top of his pants and the elastic band of his jockey shorts. She tugged down a bit, trying to drag them down, but she needed his help. Nick lifted his ass from the couch and she pulled again. This time, his shorts and jeans slid down, bunching around his knees.

Glad he was barefoot, Nick began to work the pants off with his toes. He was now completely naked and, watching him, his sister gasped with excitement. Her full, sensuous lips parted and she let her tongue slip out. Glistening wetly, the pink tongue tip slowly moved over her lips, slickening them. Then, quickly, with an impatient groan, the young girl tore her own clothes off, revealing her lush nakedness to her brother's hungry, devouring eyes.

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