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«Hot naked cousin», Kathy Harris

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Lani Walker was five foot four inches of sex appeal and she knew it. Although she was still a virgin, she hoped to change that very soon. She used all of her attractive assets to her best advantages – a mane of thick, curly chestnut hair, long, slender legs, a beautiful, innocent-looking face, and, perhaps best of all, huge tits with large, rose-colored nipples.

On this particular day, the young girl was sitting next to her big brother in his new van. Brad was handsome enough to be a movie star, at least, that's what Lani thought. She adored her big brother and, even though he did not know it yet, she had decided that he would be the one to pop her cherry.

"Okay, we've already run all the errands… now what?" Lani asked, swishing her hips around on the car seat.

"I guess we'll go home now, Pet," Brad said, using his nickname for his little sister.

"Aw, I don't wanna go home just yet. Couldn't we just drive around for a while? Maybe we could drive through the woods," she said, referring to the forested area out at the edge of the small town where they lived.

"Well…" Brad hesitated, thinking he really would like to have the chance to drive his new van longer a few more miles.

But, he was thinking about how attractive he found his kid sister, and about all the wet dreams he had had about fucking her. He had to admit that he was afraid to be alone with her for very long. Already his cock was half-stiff, just from feeling her soft, young body pressed next to him.

Lani could see her brother's chest hair poking up above the neck of his T-shirt where his shirt was unbuttoned. She was turning on more and more by the second, and it wasn't just because she was sitting on the sun-warmed leather seat.

"Please, Brad… come on, don't be a spoilsport." She grinned up at him and swung one knee over the other. She was wearing shorts and a little halter top, and she was pleased to see him swallow hard as he glanced down at her.

"Okay, Pet, we'll drive through the woods for a while," he said, unable to help himself.

He knew he was taking a chance on something sexual happening between him and his kid sister, but he finally admitted to himself that he wanted it to happen. If she was willing…

Lani glanced down at her brother's crotch and felt a surge of excitement as she saw the bulge there that seemed to be expanding right before her eyes!

Suddenly, Brad parked the van on the side of the road and, almost before the young virgin knew what was happening, her brother grabbed her around the waist. He picked her up with about as much effort as it would take most people to pick up an empty sack, and he sat her down squarely on his lap.

Lani hugged her little ass cheeks, tightly enclosed in her clinging shorts, against Brad's muscular thighs, looking out over the steering wheel and out the window.

Then, Brad started up the engine again, and the young girl squealed with excitement. Goody, she thought, we're going to go for a ride, and what a way to go!

She bounced up and down on her brother's lap as Brad maneuvered the van onto one of the many country roads that was rarely traveled, particularly this time of day.

Lani noticed with excitement that the harder she bounced, the harder his lap got. In fact, after a short time, it felt to the young girl as if she were sitting on top of a tree trunk.

She could feel the hard, heavy thing poking up toward her cloth-covered pussy slit.

"Oooh, Brad," she squealed, feeling his thick, hard cock riding up and ramming against her cunt.

She could feel his large, rough hands under her ass cheeks now, and she felt the steel zipper teeth of his fly slowly parting. She groaned with anticipation, realizing that very soon now, her brother's big prick would be fucking right through her tight little cherry.

The van barreled down the deserted country road as, for the first time in her life, Lani felt the stiff, insistent probing of a prick.

"Feel it, baby, feel it," Brad hissed between clenched teeth. He grabbed one of the girl's hands off the steering wheel and brought it around behind her.

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