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«Eager balling family», Kathy Harris

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"Oh, come on, Steve," Gina Hughes said impatiently to her brother. "I told you, we'll be all alone for hours. Now, come on and kiss me like you did earlier."

"You know I want to, Sis," Steve responded, his eager eyes traveling over his sister's gorgeous body which was clad only in a sheer summery dress. The young blonde teenager was obviously not wearing any underwear, and the young boy swallowed hard as he felt his cock hardening.

"So what's the problem, Steve?" Gina asked, deliberately moving closer to her brother and pressing her lush body against his, her stiff nippled tits poking lewdly into his chest, which was unusually broad and muscular for such a young boy.

"What if someone comes in and catches us?" he said, his eyes on his sister's huge tits. His hands ached to squeeze her tits, to pinch them, but he still hesitated.

"Oh, for God's sake, will you lighten up? And grow up! Don't be such a baby!" Gina cried in frustration. Here she was, trying desperately to get her handsome brother to fuck her, and he was holding back. The sexy girl had certainly never had this problem before!

"Look, I already told you, Steve… Mom and Dad are out with the Wilsons and won't be home for hours yet. And Sally and Mark went to the movies, a double feature… which should keep them away for several hours, too," she said, referring to their sister and brother.

"Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry for being such a drip, Sis," Steve said, grinning now, all nervousness gone.

"Well, now, that's better. Let's get on with it," Gina murmured, glad to see her brother once more become the self-assured boy she had always been attracted to.

Steve leaned forward and the teenagers' lips softly met. Gina melted warmly against his masculine chest. Her lips trembled with excitement, and then opened. She let the tip of her tongue teasingly play at the entrance of his mouth.

Steve groaned as his own tongue shot out to meet hers, then darted into her mouth, exploring and probing. Now, the tip of Gina's tongue tapped at the roof of his mouth, turning the young boy on more than he had thought possible.

He wanted to fuck his sister more than he had ever wanted anything before in his life. He couldn't believe his luck. When she had come to him earlier in the evening and they had kissed each other passionately, he had thought, with a pang of disappointment, that it was just a one shot thing, an impulse on the girl's part, and that nothing would ever come of it.

But now, here they were, all alone, and his sister had made it more than plain that she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her. He thought about fucking his big prick into her tight little pussy, and he gulped with excitement. Trying to control the desire shooting through his loins, and the rapid rising of his cock, he pulled her tighter against him and held her in a firm embrace.

His tongue shot into her mouth again and Gina moaned as their tongues met and danced lewdly. She knew that her brother could feel the rhythmic rise and fall of her tits against his chest, and she felt a sense of triumph as she knew there would be no turning back for either of them now.

At last, she had managed to arouse her brother so powerfully that he would have no choice. He would have to fuck her, just as she wanted so badly.

Together, the two horny teenagers drifted down onto the big old couch, lying side by side.

Through the light cotton dress she wore, Steve could feel the heat of her turned on body against his hands. She was trembling all over now, and she sighed softly as their lips parted.

"Fuck me, Steve, fuck me good, I need you soooo bad," she moaned.

The young boy nodded eagerly and she lifted her mouth to his again. Their tongues immediately locked together this time and they both groaned into each other's wide open mouths as they turned each other on beyond belief.

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