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«Secretary in chains», John McKeon

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Jerry drove his prick like a madman, knifing into the pleading pussy slit sucking at his spurting knob. Jerry's cum gushed into the woman's gulping cunt, filling her until his sperm was forced back out around his shaft to drip down the woman's buttocks and into the crack of her ass.

The sight was too much for Fay. It had been so long since she'd had any sexual release that she felt a climax of her own going off in her body as though she were the person getting fucked instead of the woman thrashing wildly under Jerry's pumping hips. Fay writhed against the door, biting the back of her hand in an attempt to hide the fact of her orgasm.

Fay's climax lasted as long as Jerry's and the woman's. Only when they were depleted and Jerry crawled limply away from the woman did Fay manage to gain control of her body. She tried to straighten her clothes but they were plastered to her flesh, her bra clearly visible through the now transparent blouse. Water dripped down her limbs. Her long black hair hung in dripping strands. Never had she felt so embarrassed.

Fay turned again to try to open the door. She tugged at the handle but it did not budge. She looked back at Jerry. He was sitting on the bench, one leg hanging over the edge; the other drawn up so his foot rested on the bench, his cock and balls lewdly exposed. Jerry returned her gaze, spreading his thighs even wider; his right hand stroking his cock, lifting his balls and rubbing his palm over his prick so that it continued to stand at attention.

"Since you so obviously enjoyed the show so much," Jerry said sarcastically, "I think it's only fair you should join us." Jerry turned his attention to the woman, who sat up beside him and looked at Fay with amused curiosity. "What do you think, Leah?"

As Leah stared at Fay, the two women realized they had a startling physical resemblance to each other. They both had long black hair and rich full bodies. Their breasts were almost equal in size and firmness. Even their features were similar.

Leah stood up. "I'd like to see more of this woman. Who are you?"

Fay held out the limp papers and explained she was a new secretary at the club. She realized she was acting the idiot. The papers were a soggy mess, probably even unreadable, and she was a soggy mess herself. What kind of an idiot secretary would deliver papers under such circumstances? She would never be able to explain it. She backed even further against the door as Jerry and Leah moved naked toward her, pinning her to the door.

"I think she wants your cock in her," Leah said.

Fay shook her head. "No. I'm sorry. I didn't know what I was doing when I came in here."

"You knew what you were doing when you had your skirt up masturbating yourself," Jerry said, his fingers reaching for the buttons of Fay's blouse. "Let's get your clothes off. No one stands around in a sauna dressed for work."

Fay tried to push his hands away, but Leah reached for her buttons too and she couldn't keep all four of their hands from unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it over her shoulders. They quickly stripped her clothes off, jerking the blouse down her arms and then unbuttoning her skirt and pushing it down her hips. Jerry's fingers circled her panties and jerked them quickly to her ankles. Fay's bra was the last to drop to the floor.

Jerry and Leah stood back to admire her. Fay cupped her breasts timidly in her palms and turned her back to them until Jerry grabbed her wrist and spun her around.

"She looks almost like she could be your sister, Leah," Jerry said admiringly. "Your younger sister," he added with obvious delight to tease Leah.

Leah thumbed her nose at him, not taking her eyes away from Fay's body. "She does look a lot like me. She deserves your cock, Jerry. It might teach her some manners about interrupting people."

Before Fay could protest, Jerry pressed his body against hers. Fay felt Jerry's erection pressing against her cunt-lips. She knew it was wrong, but still her flesh quivered with undeniable desire.

Jerry's thumbs drove into her pussy slit, his fingers pulling her outer lips apart to make room for his huge knob to fill the entrance to her cunt.

She felt his cock-head pushing aside the tender pink inner lips and forcing her pussy to swallow the end of his dick. Fay gasped as his cock pushed its way into her body, sliding up her cunt hole as easily as if she'd been helping him.

Fay felt his cock filling her and searing her insides with exquisite pleasure. Fay's pussy tingled with sensual need as Jerry pounded his pelvis against her own. She felt her clit throbbing to life as blood pumped into it.

Leah lewdly encouraged Jerry to continue raping his cock into Fay's protesting body.

"No, please. Let me go!"

But even as Fay said the words, her arms circled Jerry's waist and she gave herself up to the thrusting cock violating her most intimate parts. Fay's cunt sucked on Jerry's shaft with obscene lust. She closed her eyes and rested against the door as Jerry pounded mercilessly at her cunt, ripping his thick cock into her body so deeply that Fay thought her pussy would be torn to shreds. But at last she realized she had somehow managed to accommodate his entire cock.

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