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«A Man Apart», Joan Hohl

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The third book in the Grainger series, 2005


Dear Reader,

Welcome to another scintillating month of passionate reads. Silhouette Desire has a fabulous lineup of books, beginning with Society-Page Seduction by Maureen Child, the newest title in DYNASTIES: THE ASHTONS. You’ll love the surprises this dynamic family has in store for you…and each other. And welcome back New York Times bestselling author Joan Hohl, who returns to Desire with the long-awaited A Man Apart, the story of Mitch Grainger-a man we guarantee won’t be alone for long!

The wonderful Dixie Browning concludes her DIVAS WHO DISH series with the highly provocative Her Fifth Husband? (Don’t you want to know what happened to grooms one through four?) Cait London is back with another title in her HEARTBREAKERS series, with Total Package. The wonderful Anna DePalo gives us an alpha male to die for, in Under the Tycoon’s Protection. And finally, we’re proud to introduce author Juliet Burns as she makes her publishing debut with High-Stakes Passion.

Here’s hoping you enjoy all that Silhouette Desire has to offer you…this month and all the months to come!


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Melissa Jeglinski

Senior Editor

Silhouette Desire

Melissa & Tara

Gee, it’s good to be back home again.



Justin Grainger was a man apart-and he liked it that way. He was content with his life. Possessing a nearly uncanny affinity for horses, he was satisfied with his work of running his isolated horse ranch in Montana.

But Justin was not a hermit or even a true loner. He enjoyed the easy camaraderie shared with his ranch hands and his foreman, Ben Daniels. And though Justin had never again wanted a woman on the property, since his failed marriage five years before, he had accepted the presence of Ben’s new young wife, Karla. She had been the former personal assistant to Justin’s brother, Mitch, who managed the family-owned gambling casino in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Justin had other family members he occasionally visited. His parents, retired now in Sedona, Arizona, were both still healthy and socially active. His sister, Beth, as yet unmarried, was off doing her fashion thing in San Francisco. And his eldest brother, Adam, headed up various family businesses from their corporate offices in Casper, Wyoming.

Adam was married to a lovely woman named Sunny, whom Justin had set out to tolerate in the name of family unity and had quickly come to admire, respect and love almost as much as his own sister. Adam and Sunny had a baby daughter, Becky, whom Justin quite simply adored.

On occasion Justin even spent recreational time with an accommodating woman-no strings attached. And that suited him fine. He claimed that horses were much easier to deal with, less contentious and argumentative, thus easier to talk to and get along with.

Although, these days, after a long, hot work-filled summer, a busy autumn, and winter just settling in, Justin was a bit restless and didn’t grumble too much when he received an urgent and demanding phone call from Mitch the week before Christmas.

“I need you to come to Deadwood,” Mitch said, in his usual straightforward way.

“Yeah? Why?” Justin replied, in his usual dry, less-than-impressed manner.

“I’m getting married, and I want you to be my best man,” Mitch shot back. “That’s why.”

As an attention getter, his brother’s explanation was a winner, Justin conceded…to himself. He never had conceded much of anything-except absolute loyalty and devotion-to any one of his siblings.

“When did you lose it, Mitch?” he asked in soft tones of commiseration.

“Lose what?” Mitch sounded slightly baffled.

Justin grinned. “Your mind, old son. You must have lost it if you’re going to take the marital plunge.”

“I haven’t lost my mind…old son,” Mitch retorted, a trace of amusement undermining his rough voice. “Trite as it might sound, it’s my heart I’ve lost.”

There was no way Justin could let his brother’s remark pass without comment. “No �might’ about it,” he drawled, enjoying himself. “That is trite. Sappy, too.”

Mitch laughed. “I don’t know what to tell you, bro,” he said, suddenly dead serious. “I’m way deep in love with her.”

Oh, yeah, Justin thought, hearing the heartfelt note in his brother’s voice. Mitch was seriously serious. “It’s Maggie Reynolds. Right?”

“Yes…of course.”

Of course. Justin wasn’t surprised, not really. A faint smile tugged at his lips. In fact, after all the rave reviews he’d heard from Mitch about Ms. Reynolds ever since she’d replaced Karla as his personal assistant, Justin should have been expecting the marriage announcement.


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