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«The starlets sucking lips», Jason Canum

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Jason Canum

Kit wheeled her Triumph up to the studio gates and stopped at the guard's shack.

"Mornin', Miss. Do you have an authorized pass?"

"Of course, of course," Kit said, impatiently handing him the card that Reynolds had given her the night before. The card that would admit her

into World Galaxy Studios, and, Kit felt sure, into a world of stardom.

She couldn't be bothered by such trivial matters as a pass to get through the main gate. Couldn't this guard see that she had that certain "something", that "star quality" that set her apart from all the other pretty faces? Well, she mused, he would see it soon enough. He'd soon be showing her the respect she deserved. She'd show him, she thought, as he returned the pass and gestured her through the gates and into the studio parking lot.

Galaxy Studios. She was really here! She could hardly believe it. Everything had happened so fast at the party the night before her head was still spinning.

The party. One of those dull, Hollywood bashes that you go to because you don't have any place better to go to that night. She didn't even know

– whose house it was at, but her roommate Tent another aspiring actress, had talked her into going.

"You never know who you'll meet," Terri had urged.

"Bullshit," Kit had retorted. "I'll just meet a lot of other unemployed actors."

Kit had been right. They party was dull. Dull, that is, until a particularly virile hunk of man walked through the door and took her breath away. He was gorgeous-tall, blue-black hair, black eyes that were pools

of molten lava, oozing sensuality and lust, a lean muscular body that moved like a cat, and a prominent bulge in the front of his tight pants that made Kit's pussy start oozing in anticipation.

She didn't know his name, although the face was vaguely familiar. Possibly some actor she had seen once in a TV commercial. It didn't matter. She had to meet him. And, never having exactly been accused of being shy, she grabbed an extra glass of champagne off a passing tray and moved in on him.

"I believe this is yours," she said, handing him the glass and pressing close to him, allowing him a perfect vantage point to look down into the depths of her low-cut gown, revealing her magnificent, heaving tits.

"Is this… all… mine?" he ginned, never taking his eyes from the dark we of the cleavage between her tits.

"Think you can handle it?" she whispered hotly, pressing even closer to him.

"Think you can handle this?" he replied, returning the pressure, forcing his hardening cock against her leg.

The sudden contact thrilled her. She could feel the pulsating, throbbing prick-shaft crawling its way down her leg, growing with a life of its own.

"And I thought this was going to be a dull party," she laughed.

"So did I. Let's go." He set the untouched champagne on a sideboard and, gabbing her hand, led her quickly up the stairs.

He opened the first door. They were instantly greeted with the

unmistakable sounds of sex and the wonderful musky smell of cum and cunt-juice mingling together.

He turned to her, grinning. "Looks like someone else is enjoying the party, too. This way."

He led her to the end of the hall, and opened the door onto the most magnificent bedroom Kit had ever seen. It looked like an entire suite right out of the Palace of Versailles, complete with silken tapestries, gold and crystal chandeliers, and an elevated bed that a whole army could sleep in.

"Wow," Kit breathed in awe, "this looks fit for the Shah of Iran!"

"He rather enjoyed it when he stayed here," he said in matter-of-factly. "But now it's all for you, you lovely creature."

He scooped Kit into his arms, his hot mouth closing over hers in a fiery kiss. His tongue snaked out, searching, finding the innermost recesses of her own mouth.

His muscular body pressed tightly against her yielding curves, his strong arms holding her close. His hands moved relentlessly over her back, cupping and squeezing her voluptuous ass-cheeks through the thin material of her gown.

"Let's get rid of these," he breathed, releasing her and starting to pull his jacket from his shoulders.

Kit reached behind her, unhooked the knot behind her neck, and let the- gown slink down across her shoulders, her tits, her waist, her hips, her long, tapered legs, to the carpet.

Her body was all that any man could want-voluptuous, sexy, and young. She

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