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«Teenage teaser», J Watson

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"Come on, Marilyn," Carol Thompson said impatiently. "We'll be late."

Marilyn Wiley gave herself a last searching glance in the mirror and for the third time adjusted her swimsuit strap so that her breasts would be more prominent. She knew her breasts were the best part about her. Although she was pretty she did not have the beautiful looks that some of the other girls had. Her body was the best thing about her.

She gave her swimsuit one last tug before she hurried out of the locker room. There were two boys standing near the doorway. She recognized them as being boys in her math class. Timmy Douglas and Brian somebody. She heard Timmy whisper, "Boy, does she have an ass on her."

"Yeah," the other one said. "I'd like to dip my wand in that."

She tried to ignore their vulgar comments but she couldn't help a little flush of excitement. It happened every time a boy said something nice about her. It didn't matter what he said, as long as it was a compliment.

She was very insecure about her looks.

Her mother had caused most of her insecurity. Her mother was one of those plain women who were jealous of any other woman even if it was her own daughter.

"You're too short," her mother often said. "And you're too big up top. Boys will think that you're ugly."

It took her a long time to realize that boys didn't think her large breasts ugly. In fact, most boys liked them too much. Most boys didn't even mind her being short; it made them feel taller and bigger. Still, she didn't have the good looks that Carol or Leslie had. She was pretty, but not beautiful.

She paused at the pool and tucked her honey blonde hair under a cap. Coach Bayles gave her a nod and she hit the water. She stayed in the water for almost an hour. Coach Bayles wanted her to work out like this each day. She loved the water. She was a good swimmer.

Coach Bayles finally called her out of the water. Coach Bayles was a young man, of about twenty, and he had dark, curly hair and sparkling white teeth. She felt dumb every time she got around him.

"Fine today, Marilyn," Coach Bayles said. "I wish the rest could swim as well as you."

"They've got their minds on other things," Marilyn said.

Leslie Drew came over to Marilyn's side as Marilyn dried herself off.

"I wish I could swim like that," Leslie said. "You're like a fish in the water."

Marilyn wondered what was coming. She knew that Leslie hated her.

"I've got a date with Brian Edwards," Leslie said suddenly.

So that was it. Marilyn felt a hot flush of anger on the back of her neck. Brian. Marilyn had wanted a date with him for as long as she could remember. He was the best-looking boy in school as well as the smartest and the best athlete. Everyone knew that Marilyn wanted a date with him. That was why Leslie was rubbing it in.

"So," Marilyn said.

"I just thought you might want to know," Leslie said.

"Well, I couldn't care less," Marilyn lied.

"I just bet you couldn't," Leslie said.

Leslie started giggling as she walked away. Marilyn could have strangled her. Marilyn knew it wasn't anything that Leslie had. Leslie was a dark haired girl whose figure was mostly made of plastic. Marilyn had seen her naked a few times and she knew Leslie had nothing but skin and bones.

So why did Brian take her out? Marilyn thought she knew the reason. Leslie was so innocent looking and she had such a sweet way of talking to boys that they seldom realized that she had such a hard heart.

Marilyn decided not to ride the bus back home. She knew she would only have to listen to Leslie gloat about her date with Brian.

She lived close to the school and it was no problem walking.

She dressed and waited in the shower room until she was sure the bus was gone. Then she went outside. It was getting late and almost dark. It was also a little cool. She started walking. She nearly jumped when the car pulled up beside her.

"Hey, Marilyn," a boy said. "You want a ride?" She peered at the boy's face and saw that he was Timmy Douglas, a boy from her math class. He was alone.

It was dumb to get into the car with him and she knew it. Yet this boy was interested in her and she needed somebody to be interested in her.

"I'm Timmy Douglas," Timmy said. "From your math class."

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