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«A mother so naughty», Douglas Vincent

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"Fuck me!"

Amanda Lipton gazed longingly at the tanned, muscular man standing before her. His cock – thick and hard and hot – bobbed invitingly mere inches from her face as she lay on the bed. She wanted to feel it in her mouth, but she wanted it in her pussy even more.

"Please fuck me!" Amanda begged again. Her heart was racing and her cunt ached to be filled. "Bury your cock inside me. Fill me with your cum!"

The blond man bent over Amanda and kissed her hard on the lips, his fingers tracing a path from her luscious tits to her ebony-rimmed cunt. He spread the thick, fleshy lips of her pussy and slowly stroked her clit with one rough finger.

Amanda grunted loudly as the stranger caressed her sensitive clit slowly at first then harder and harder. He kissed her face one more time, then moved down to her heaving tits.

Amanda's breath came in short, hard gasps as her blond lover continued his digital assault.

"This is torture!" she moaned, her hips undulating slowly as the man eased one fingertip up and down over her clit. "Please fuck me, baby! Fuck me hard and deep like you always do!"

"You'll get my cock when I'm ready to give it to you," the man said. He took Amanda's left nipple in his mouth and sucked on it roughly, stroking it with the tip of his tongue until it was hot and stiff.

The combination of her lover's finger in her pussy and his tongue on her cherry-red nipples set Amanda's cunt on fire. She squirmed wildly beneath the stranger's caresses, an orgasm welling deep inside her cunt. She could feel it growing, spreading madly across her thighs and belly.

"I'm gonna cum!" she announced urgently.

"Oh God, baby, it's happening!"

Amanda's body stiffened as waves of pleasure exploded in her cunt. She groaned loudly and buried her nails in the crumpled sheets of the bed.

"Stoke me harder!" she ordered, her head thrown back. "Finger-fuck me! Make me cum… uuungggg…"

Amanda pressed her thighs tightly together as her blond lover flicked a callused index finger over her engorged clit pushing her over the brink. He took her nipple between his teeth and bit it lightly, then harder.

"Jesus!" Amanda cried, her cunt wet and quivering. "That's it, baby – don't stop! Don't… stop!"

Another fabulous wave of ecstasy flooded across her lean, tanned body. It felt so good she never wanted it to end.

This was heaven, she thought. This is what it felt like to die and go to heaven. She was experiencing the cosmic orgasm!

Slowly, gently, her lover ceased his caresses, leaving her drained and satisfied.

"I love to watch you cum," he whispered in her ear. "The sound of your voice, the look on your face. It makes my cock hard."

Effortlessly, the blond man eased himself on top of Amanda's body, still warm and wet with perspiration. The tip of his thick cock touched the sensitive lips of her cunt, but he didn't force it in. He was teasing her making her beg for it, just as he always did.

"Give it to me?" Amanda moaned. "Fuck me hard and deep with that beautiful prick of yours!"

The man took Amanda's hands in his and held them firmly over her head, a motion that pressed her breasts hard against his muscular chest. Amanda's nipples grew rigid against his flesh.

"How badly do you want it, baby?" the blond man asked. He nudged his eight-inch prick against Amanda's open pink cunt, but stopped just short of penetrating her.

"More than anything!" Amanda whimpered. "Please fuck me, lover? Ram me hard!"

The words had barely escaped Amanda's lips when her bronzed partner plunged his cock deep inside her hot pussy, his balls slapping hard against her asscheeks.

Amanda cried out as he buried his prick to the hilt.

"Yes!" she gasped, her pussy literally soaked with her own juice. "Do it to me! Fuck me hard!"

Ever so slowly, the blond man drew his cock from Amanda's cunt until only its thick head remained inside her. He paused for a moment – it seemed like an excruciating eternity to Amanda – before shoving it home again.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!" Amanda gasped.

The man released her hands and she raked them almost violently across his muscular back. "Ohhhhh! That feels so fucking good! So… good!"

"Take it all!" the blond man gasped, his momentum building with each thrust. "Feel my hard cock deep inside you, baby! I'm going to fill you with my cum!"

"Please!" Amanda hissed.

She wrapped her legs tightly around her lover's hips, burying his cock ever deeper inside her. She felt another orgasm building beyond her clit, and each thrust of the blond stranger's giant prick brought it closer to the surface.

"I need it, baby!" Amanda groaned, her arms held tightly around the man's broad shoulders. "Don't hold back. Give me every drop of your delicious cum!"

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