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«Five-way family», Donna Allen

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The woman's voice floated over the veranda in the night air. "Big and hard," she said. "That's the way I like it. I'm going to sit on it and fuck it!"

Alison Jordan froze at the sound of her Aunt Mabel's voice. The girl had been unable to sleep and had come out on the veranda to sit under the stars. She'd arrived at the house only a few days before and she was still unfamiliar with the family routine. She'd thought her Aunt Mabel and Uncle Luke would be fast asleep by now. Instead of sleeping, they were obviously screwing. Not only was the window open, but the lights were on too. Alison was shocked and embarrassed. She believed sex was something very private between two people, and she was, amazed that Mabel and Luke could go at it without being-afraid that someone would overhear them.

Alison was eighteen and still a virgin. She had terrible conflicts about sex. She was determined that the first man she would sleep with would be her husband. Her ideas concerning love and marriage were thoroughly romantic. She felt more comfortable that way. She had strong inhibitions about sex, and her notion that her physical needs had to wait until after marriage helped her accept the way she was.

She knew she was pretty. It wasn't that men found her unattractive. She had long dark hair and bright-green eyes and a gorgeous body. Her body was soft and ripe, her tits and ass were shapely and she was always drawing the stares of men. Her long legs were lovely and slender. She was a tall girl, almost as tall as her Uncle Luke and her cousins, Brian and Curt. I Yes, she knew she was pretty. She could tell it in their eyes. Sometimes she wished she could cover her body with the ugliest clothes so that men wouldn't look at her. But this also brought her conflict. She liked-to be looked at. She liked to be admired. She told herself she was a silly girl who did not know what she wanted. Everything seemed to be a problem for her. She insisted on remaining a virgin until marriage, but at the same time she masturbated nearly every day. Telling herself she had to take care of her physical needs, she would frig her pussy in secret until she exploded in a series of violent orgasms.

Now Alison heard Mabel and Luke again. Mabel was giggling. Alison tried to picture them doing nasty things on their bed. Her pussy quivered at the thought of her aunt and uncle fucking. She'd seen pictures of people fucking. She couldn't help but see those things when the kids passed them around at school, but she'd never thought of her aunt and uncle that way. The idea that they were actually fucking no more than ten or fifteen feet from where she was sitting made the young virgin tremble with a mixture of curiosity and lust. Did she dare peep into their bedroom? She could see the shade was not pulled all the way down and the curtains behind it were transparent. If she moved carefully, she might be able to crouch down and look into the room at the level of the windowsill.

Alison finally yielded to the urge within her. Leaving the glider on which she sat, she tiptoed carefully to the window and crouched down. She peered inside the room and muffled a gasp.

They were both on the bed naked. Mabel was straddling Luke and slowly bouncing up and down on his juice-drenched cock.

Alison shuddered as she watched them. The stark reality of what she was seeing overwhelmed her. It was So much more exciting than a photograph. Just seeing them naked would have been enough to turn her on, but having them fuck like this right before her eyes was almost more than she could bear. The girl bit her lip, her eyes wide, her heart pounding as she watched Mabel sliding up and down on Luke's erect cock.

Aunt Mabel was a luscious blonde. Her tits were like two ripe cantaloupes, heavy and drooping a bit, but very sexy. Alison was turned on by the, sight of her aunt's large pink nipples. Mabel's curvy ass was also something to look at, sleek and full, each asscheeks almost a perfect hemisphere.

The young virgin was dying to see her uncle's cock, but Luke's prick was buried inside Mabel's pussy, and it was only when Mabel rose up on the upstroke that Alison could see his glistening cockshaft. His cock looked terribly big. Alison decided it must be as thick as her wrist. The girl shuddered as she imagined her own pussy being split by a rampant prick as big as that of her Uncle Luke's. The thought of it frightened her. She wondered if she wouldn't be better off becoming, a nun. As a nun she'd be protected and there would be no possibility of a man sticking his big awful thing inside her little pussy. Alison wondered how Mabel could take it all, but it was obvious the sexy blonde was enjoying herself. Her tits bouncing up and down like two pink-tipped balloons, Mabel aggressively squirmed her cunt on Luke's cock and moaned with pleasure.

Alison told herself that what she was doing was terribly sinful. But of course that made it even more exciting. She was thrilled at the idea of secretly invading the privacy of her aunt and uncle, at the idea of watching her aunt and uncle fucking while they thought no one could see them. This was real live sex, the first that Alison had ever seen, and the young virgin moaned softly and trembled as she watched them.

Now Mabel leaned forward to hang her heavy tits over Luke's face. Her fat pink nipples oscillated over his nose. Alison quivered as she watched her uncle open his mouth like a baby. His wet tongue came out of his mouth like a snake, and he began licking Mabel's thick nipples until they glistened with his saliva.

"That's good!" Mabel groaned. "I love when you do that! Taste good, honey?"

"You bet," Luke said.

"You still like my tits as much as you used to? They're bigger now, aren't they? And hanging a little. Remember how I used to get off when you sucked them?"

Luke smiled. "Remember that first tit-fuck on your back porch?"

"And how!" Mabel laughed. "You came all over my neck and I thought you were crazy."

"You loved it."

"I sure did. Mmmmm, your cock feels good tonight, honey! I always liked a big cock."

Reaching back, she curled her fingers under his balls, lifted the sac and bounced his nuts on her fingertips.

"The tank is full," she chuckled. "You've got a big load in here for me, haven't you?"

Alison quivered. She couldn't see much of her uncle's balls, but she imagined them loaded with his jism. Soon he would squirt his spunk into Mabel's cunt. The young virgin thought of her uncle's jism streaming out of his hose-like cock and shivered with lust. A friend had once told her a man's jism was thick and sticky, slippery white stuff with a tangy smell. Alison knew there were women who liked to take a man's cock into their mouth and sack him off, suck all the jism out of his balls and swallow it down. The girl pictured herself doing that to her Uncle Luke and had to stifle a moan.

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