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«Bi babes do it better», David Lasher

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"Damn, you've got a sexy pair of boobs!" Teddi Walters said to Jody Sims.

Jody flushed, glanced down at her well-filled blouse and started to answer when a customer came in. They both worked for the Foxi Long Real Estate Brokerage in Santa Barbara. Foxi hired only sexy girls; there were no men in the organization.

"Good morning!" Jody said, brightly. The customer was a well-contoured lady of about forty, wearing snug pants and a showy blouse. Several flashing rings on her fingers and a certain air of well-being gave Teddi important revealing clues… a rich widow, either buying or selling.

"I'll take it from here, Jody," Teddi murmured. As the receptionist, Jody did very little actual selling. A lush, sensual redhead just nineteen years old, she was office decoration. And she could type.

"I'm Teddi Walters, madam!" Teddi gushed.

"May I be of help?"

The svelte newcomer looked Teddi up and down and Teddi felt a sweet tingle in the clit. The woman obviously knew her way around a pussy! She was statuesque, with the bearing of an experienced model or showgirl. Her dark hair was beautifully coiffed and her mouth had a certain pout which told Teddi a lot.

She wants to have sex with me, Teddi thought. And I bet she's damn good! I've turned a trick or two to make a good sale, and this cunt would be a pleasure in bed.

"I think you can, honey," the woman murmured, giving Teddi a high voltage look. "I have a rather large property to sell. Now, may we talk in your office?"

"Oh, of course," Teddi said, smoothly, leading the newcomer through a door that said TEDDI WALTERS, Assistant Broker. The woman entered, sat her well-shaped ass in a customer chair in front of Teddi's desk, crossed her long, shapely legs and leaned back comfortably.

"I'm Audra Hooper," she murmured.

Teddi felt another hot jolt, this one connected to money. Big money! It had been in the financial sections of the local dailies, August Hooper, retired California oilman, had died the previous month, leaving his widow very well-heeled indeed.

"Mrs. Hooper, I'm very flattered that you have come to our agency," Teddi said with the very right unction.

"Naturally, we were sorry to hear of your husband's death.

Audra shrugged. "That's history. I'm a practical person.

My attorneys, all leeches, handled the estate matters, but I told them I would pick an agent to dispose of what was left, real estate. I like it when women form successful businesses, and though I'm not a screeching feminist, I'm for people like you and Foxi Long.."

She leaned forward and her gaping blouse showed the deep cleft between her jutting breasts. "And sweet, young agents like you bring out the best in me. Understand?"

"I certainly do, Mrs. Hooper!" Teddi giggled, thinking, I'd make it with her, big fee or not! She's got it, and she knows it!

"Oh, call me Audra, honey," Mrs. Hooper smiled.

"And I'll call you Teddi. Are you ready?" She winked and giggled.

"Whenever you are, Audra," Teddi said.

Audra moved from the chair, came around Teddi's desk, and stood behind Teddi. Her hands slid down from Teddi's shoulders smoothly to inside Teddi's blouse. Teddi never wore bras, and had a superb, high pointed pair. The feel of the older woman's warm fingers on her boobs sent stings of excitement all the way to Teddi's cunt.

Teddi hadn't been lucky for a while. She could take her sex either way, from men or chicks, although she really preferred pussy. Okay, so Santa Barbara was loaded with cunt, but sometimes so many made picking difficult!

Girls were everywhere, on the beaches, on campuses, in the stores.

"Ohhh, those are cute, honey!" Audra murmured, kissing the nape of Teddi's neck. Her fingers toyed adroitly with Teddi's stiffening nipples.

"They love to be played with, Audra!" Teddi giggled, arching her tits out farther, causing the top button of her blouse to come loose.

Audra lifted the dark-peaked charms out of hiding.

"Oh, damn!" she breathed. "I know I shouldn't here, but let me enjoy them just a while longer, honey!"

"A real tittie connoisseur, huh?" Teddi purred.

"But-let's go to your place or mine and have our fun, huh?"

"You sweet fox!" Audra whispered. "My place!

Anyway, you need to look it over to sell it…"

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