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«See the family come», David Crane

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Then she grinned impishly.

She could think of only one possibility – and it was a very stimulating thought.

Her big brother, Jimmy, must have sneaked into her bedroom while she was out and jacked off in her panties!

Jimmy was eighteen, a good-looking, athletic young man. And Ginny had often been aware that he gazed at her lustfully – especially when she was sitting with her legs apart so he could look up her skirt.

The idea of the boy jerking off over fantasies of her, and cumming into her underwear, excited her tremendously. She licked at the slimy crotchband again, enjoying it more now that she figured it was sibling spunk.

She could just imagine how the youth must have looked as he stood there, his face all twisted by passion, pounding his prick into those sexy panties!

How she wished that she could have seen it! As her fevered mind danced with the image, her body began to react accordingly. Her tit tips shot out like little pink rockets launched from the areola pads, and her clit echoed that action in her cunt slot.

She was definitely ready for a hand-job now! Grinning mischievously, she went back to the full-length mirror and watched herself in the glass as she danced her tongue in the cummy film.

Too bad that Jimmy wasn't watching as she did that, the naughty nymphette thought.

She rubbed her tits in the bikini, working jism into the perky peaks. Then she lifted her tits in her hands and dropped her head dawn. She began to lick and suck on her swollen clit nubs, making them throb and tantalizing her taste buds by the yummy flavor of jizz.

Her cunt was open in a wide oval now, the slot flooded with pussy juice and her clit standing out like a little pink stump in a swamp.

She dipped the panties into her groin and rubbed them around. Her pussy soaked up her brother's cum, absorbing it like a sponge. Her ass and hips jerked as she ground her cunt on the garment.

She wished that she were nimble enough so that she could get her head down between her thighs and suck Jimmy's jizz off her clit, as she had from her nipples.

She brought the panties back to her face and tongued them again. They were even more flavorsome now that cunt juice was mixed with the cock cream.

Ginny was certainly not a lesbian, but the girl had to admit that pussy juice was scrumptious and to wonder what it would be like to suck a mouthful straight out of a hot, wet, perfumed pussy. She didn't fancy going to bed with a dyke but if one of her sexy girlfriends was game for some cunt-lapping, Ginny was surely interested.

At the moment, however, she was thinking more about cum – her big brother's cum, specifically.

Her pretty face contorted with lust, eyes narrowing, lips moist and parted. She was panting. The tip of her pink lapper slid slowly across her mouth as the youngster drooled over her daydreams.

She moved back to the bed and sat on the edge, facing the mirror. She had angled the mirror so that it reflected her bed. She liked to watch herself when she creamed off. And she was certainly ready to cream off now. How lucky it had been that she hadn't wasted a hand job before she had made her fascinating discovery!

She felt up her tits, rolling the tips and moaning as they exploded in her fingers. She kneaded the firm tit mounds and cupped them together, lowering her face and lapping at the pink tips some more.

Then she moved her hands down to her groin.

With the heels of her palms resting on her groin, she dipped her fingers into her crotch began to rub the tips up her unfurled cunt and to brush her fingertips against her clit.

"Ummmmm," she sighed, trembling at the sensation.

Her clit felt like a smoldering fuse, ready to set off an explosion in the core of her cunt. She could have cum in a matter of moments, if she chose to, her body already aroused by her lively imagination. But Ginny was enjoying playing with herself, body and mind, both, and she was in no hurry to reach the creamy conclusion. She wanted to enjoy a long and lingering handjob before she melted.

She drew her hands away and leaned down over her thrusting tits, gazing into her groin. Then she looked at herself in the mirror. Her cunt folds were unfurled like the petals of a fleshy, pink flower now, and cunt juice was streaming down her crotch and seeping into the tight crack of her ass.

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