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«See the family come», David Crane

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Ginny Rayburn sat up in bed, yawning, still half asleep. The young girl's curly blonde hair was all tousled, framing a lovely face. She had soulful brown eyes and a wide, sensual mouth. She yawned again, then stretched. The sheets fell away, revealing a set of cute tits capped by pink, perky nipples.

It was a Saturday, and Ginny didn't have to get up for school and she considered staying in bed for a while longer – maybe to get a bit more sleep, or maybe to play with her pussy. She liked a morning hand-job now and again.

She tilted her head down and looked at her tits, then began to finger the tips. She pulled gently and experimentally at the rosy nubs, checking to see if she was horny enough to warrant finger-fucking.

It felt nice to feel herself up – and although not nearly as nice as when a boy did it, of course but the nubile little minx wasn't really in the mood at the moment. She had slept soundly and been unexcited by naughty dreams.

She knew from experience that she could get herself worked up easily enough, between fondling and imagining things, but it seemed pointless to provoke randiness. She decided to save her ritual finger-fucking until she needed it.

That was going to be sooner than she thought. She threw the covers back and got up, pausing before the mirror to admire her sexy body. Her youthful tits were firm and thrusting, the nipples gently swollen. Her legs were long and shapely, her hips pneumatic, her ass delightfully hard and high and rounded.

Her cunt mound glittered with a curly vee of silken blonde down spreading out on her gently curved belly. She dipped at the knees and parted her thighs so that she could see her crotch reflected in the glass. Her pussy was slightly damp and her cuntlips were parted and her clit poked out saucily, but her pussy wasn't really juiced up for action.

She turned to see her slim, shapely body in profile, then turned farther and looked back over her shoulder to admire her adorable ass.

Ginny had a lovely body and was well aware of the way that men and boys looked at her. She loved to imagine them jacking off while they had fantasies about her pussy or mouth. It pleased her to believe that cum by the bucketful must have been spilled out over memories of her pert tits and beautiful ass.

She slid a hand down and fingered her clit.

It tingled pleasantly but, as her nipples had, failed to really respond.

She shrugged and moved away from the mirror, going to the dresser. She opened a drawer and rummaged through her panties. They were all sexy bikini types. Ginny liked to sit with her legs nonchalantly parted and give guys a chance to look up her skirt and, naturally, she wanted her loins to be clad suitably and provocatively.

She selected a pair of sheer black panties.

And then she made a remarkable discovery.

The panties felt kind of sticky. And when she held them up, she could see a film of some mysterious milky substance in the crotch band.

Ginny was puzzled.

Had she creamed her panties and somehow put them back in the drawer unwashed?

It seemed unlikely, but there was definitely a coating of congealed slime in them. The girl held them to her face and sniffed at the crotch. Fucking Holy Shit, she thought.

The familiar, starchy aroma wasn't cunt juice at all – it was definitely jism!

Just to make sure, she pushed her tongue out and lapped at the milky coating. Her taste buds registered the flavor of jizz, verifying what her nose had deduced.

Ginny was mystified.

She tried to remember if some guy had dry humped her recently, shooting off onto her panties.

But she couldn't recall having been dry-humped in weeks.

Yet she was positive it was cock cream. She knew what cunt nectar tasted like, because she often licked her fingers when she was frigging off, and the aroma and flavor of that milky film hadn't come from a pussy.

Some guy had cum in her panties – no doubt about it!

But who and when and where? Ginny considered, tilting her head, still holding the soiled garment to her face.

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