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«Flesh-feast family», David Crane

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She really was a gorgeous girl. She had long blonde hair and big blue eyes and a wide, full mouth set in an oval face with high cheekbones. She looked innocent and sexy at the same time. Her body, just starting to blossom into womanhood, was a flowering masterpiece.

Her torso was slim and lithe and her tits were round and thrusting, capped by big, perpetually stiff nipples. She never wore a bra and those taut nipples pressed out in twin points against her cotton tee shirts and tight sweaters, simply crying out to be felt.

She had a slightly sway-backed posture, her crotch sort of tucked in, her back arched, her tits pushing out, her belly gently curved.

She usually wore tight-fitting jeans and shorts that were molded to the teardrop curve of her ass and drawn into a vee at her crotch.

Her legs were smooth as silk, long and shapely and her hips swept out from her narrow waist like an invitation, like handles begging to be grasped and used to tilt her pelvis into the position of love.

Sarah Lee hoped with all her heart and soul and cunt that she would soon get fucked.

But so far she had not even seen a cock.

Well, she had seen her brother's cock, but she had never seen it hard, only catching a fleeting glance from time to time. Her brother, Ernie, was two years older, a good-looking, athletic boy. And from what she had seen of his cock, it was a whopper. She had only seen it hanging down, limp, when his bathrobe accidentally parted. She was dying to see a prick that was erect, hard, swollen and dripping cum.

The very thought of a hard cock caused her hands to itch, her cunt to cream and her mouth to water.

The image of a cock danced like a sugar plum in her mind as she furiously rubbed her cunt to a froth.

Soon I'll see a cock, she told herself. A big, hard, lovely cock – a cock like a heated crowbar, a delicious cock of her very own.

She hoped that that cock would be attached to someone who did not know who she was, or who would never tell what she had done to his lovely prick.

Wearing a shorty nightgown, she padded barefoot down the carpeted stairs and went into the front room, very much aware of her cunt as it simmered between her legs. Her pussy made little soft squishing sounds with every stride and felt like a glowing ember in her crotch.

She sat down, curling up gracefully on the sofa in front of the picture window that looked out onto the back yard. She removed her panties and pulled the top of her short gown up, lifting one arched thigh and letting the other leg trail to the floor, her thighs parted.

She gazed down at her crotch, smiling happily in expectation of her impending orgasm. Her thighs were already slick with glistening cunt juice and she felt so hot that she was sure that, if the room had been dark, her pussy would have glowed a deep pulsing red.

She lowered both hands to her cunt. Then she paused for a moment, wondering if anyone could see through the window.

She knew no one looking in would be able to see her cunt because that view was shielded by the back of the sofa. Someone might be able to see her tits and could certainly see the way her shoulders were quivering, the way her face dissolved with lust as she finger-fucked herself, and the way that she panted and moaned when she came. It would be obvious that she was giving herself a hand job, no doubt of that.

She glanced towards the neighbors' house to see if they were at home. Just as she did so, the neighbors' car pulled out of the garage and moved down the driveway. Sarah Lee could see that both of the neighbors were in the car, and she breathed a sigh of relief. With no one in the house next door, she could finger-fuck herself without any worry of being observed.

Cupping her cunt, but not moving yet, she waited until the car had turned at the corner, trailing a plume of light exhaust in its wake. She took a deep breath and was just about to commence rubbing her hot cunt with both hands.

Sarah Lee's pretty face contorted with lust, her expression changing to a mask of desire.

But Sarah Lee, horny as she was, should have known better than that, for the best intentions in the world melt like soft wax in the fiery heat of an inspired cunt.


The baseball game had degenerated into a farce because a remarkable spectator had wandered onto the field. The spectator was a girl named Sue Tumble and, although she had no interest whatsoever in baseball, she was very interested in the boys who played the game. And they were paying more attention to the girl than they were to the ball.

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