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«Flesh-feast family», David Crane

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Sarah Lee Roland was a teenager and horny as she could be. She had started getting horny when she was twelve, but at that time she didn't realize what those strange, nagging urges were, as they crept across her nubile belly and filled her sweet young loins.

By the time she was thirteen, she recognized them for what they were. And by the time she was fourteen, she was determined to do something about those urges.

But so far, the randy little nymphette had done nothing more than play with herself, but she did that with great gusto and alarming frequency.

When she woke up in the morning, the first thing that she did was to give her tender pussy a good finger-fucking, often starting even before she was fully awake, thereby adding a dreamlike unreality to the pleasure.

When she went to bed at night, she played with her cunt until sleep overtook her. Often she would come three or four times and even then fight off sleep so that she could prolong the joy of self manipulation as long as possible.

She often rubbed herself off at noon, as well, as if the pleasure were part of her lunch, a creamy dessert that climaxed her meal.

She had perfected the art and varied her techniques as the mood took her. Sometimes she pushed three or four fingers up her creamy cunt hole and pretended they were a fat prick as she pushed them in and pulled them out.

Other times she ignored her pussy and concentrated on her tingling clit, rubbing that vibrant bud with her palm and rolling it between her thumb and fingers until she was shuddering with wild ecstasy.

Sometimes she began by gently playing with her tits and nipples and at other times, too impatient for an orgasm to linger over the foreplay, she went right to work on her cunt with both hands.

When she came, she cried out with sexual abandon and her fiery pussy overflowed with hot cunt juice. It soaked her thighs and seeped down into the tight crack of her writhing ass, pooling like liquid ivory on the sheets between her widespread, trembling legs.

Once she fucked herself with a banana. She dabbled with the pleasures of her hairbrush handle, a fat salami, and a Coke bottle, pretending each of these phallic objects was a cock as she shoved it merrily up her steaming pussy.

She used a hair dryer to blow her cunt. She also used an electric toothbrush to vibrate her clit. She found that it was a lot more exciting when she used her father's toothbrush than when she used her own – a sort of incest by proxy, imagining that electric brush subsequently vibrating away in her father's mouth after she had creamed on the bristles. She used her brother's toothbrush with equal pleasure and once, feeling particularly perverted, she had rubbed her cunt to a lather with her mother's toothbrush.

But, horny as she was, Sarah Lee had no experience with the real thing.

The trouble was that she was too beautiful. When boys, took her to the movies or to a dance, it never dawned on them that they had a chance to get into her sexy panties. They always treated her politely and timidly, supposing that if they tried to grab a feel of tit or stick a tongue down her throat, she would be angry and refuse to go out with them again.

It was very frustrating. Sarah Lee had contemplated taking the initiative – coming right with the suggestion that they feel each other up or jerk each other off or, more brazenly, that they fuck.

But she was too shy. Having never experienced sex, despite her desires, she was afraid to be too bold.

Any one of the boys who dated her could have fucked her. It would have taken no more than the slightest effort, fix she was more than willing and more than ready. But the boys saved that sort of stuff for the girls who were known to put out.

With Sarah Lee, they were polite. It was driving her mad.

Her most common daydream was that she would meet some stranger, a boy from another city, so that she could get her ass fucked off without losing her reputation as a good girl. For although Sarah Lee very much wanted to be a tramp, she didn't want to be known as a tramp.

It was a terrible paradox and it had her caught on the horns of a horny dilemma.

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