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«Abused young virgin», C Ralston

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The phone rang at twenty minutes to nine and Wanda Carstairs groaned with disappointment as she went to answer it. She would have to be in bed early again tonight, the second time this week and it was only Thursday!

"Hello, baby? This is Karen," Wanda's big sister's sultry voice said on the other end of the line. "I'm entertaining a visitor tonight, honey, so ft's bed by nine for y'all right away, okay?"

"All right," Wanda said reluctantly, too well mannered to sass her older sister. "See y'all in the mornin'!"

Wanda hung up and began tidying up the small apartment she and Karen shared. The place was boxy, with paper-thin walls and ugly furniture that was part of the cheap rent, but the two girls kept it as neat as a pin and did what they could with Karen's meager earnings to make it more homey.

As soon as she had picked up the evening paper and arranged it atop the neat pile in the magazine stand, Wanda turned out all of the lights except for the one on the end table by the couch and went to her tiny bedroom. The girl's heart was beating faster as she thought about her plan for what seemed like the millionth time.

Wanda removed the hand-me-down skirt and blouse she was wearing and unsnapped her bra. She looked in the mirror on top of her cheap veneer dresser and saw that her boobs were larger than usual tonight, pumped up by the excitement she felt as she toyed with the idea of staying up and watching – spying on – Karen and her "visitor"!

Coming closer to the dresser as she stepped out of her skirt, Wanda saw in the glass that her tiny nipples were thrust outward like bee sting swells on the end of her bobbing tits. Feeling them curiously, Wanda sighed with surprise as a hot flash of feeling shot down into her virginal cunt. Wanda was a late developer, unlike sister Karen, and the searing, fantastic feeling her own fingers caused on her pulling nipples was a revelation to the ripening-bodied teenager.

Wanda looked at the clock beside her twin bed and decided she had a little time before Karen could possibly get back to the apartment with her date. The excited girl moved a handful of her long, raven tresses off her shoulders so she could see both swollen titties in the mirror. Wanda's hair hadn't been cut in years and she enjoyed the somehow reassuring feeling it gave her as it tickled her tiny ass when she pushed the whole, flowing black cascade back onto her neck and back.

The aroused girl worked her tight panties off and shivered as the long fan of hair brushed over her naked butt cheeks. Wanda eyed the tufts of dark fuzz that had so recently begun to fill in around her pussy mouth and wished they were as dark and full as the magnificent waterfall of hair framing her pretty face. Not as long, of course – the teen giggled to herself impishly – just as thick, like the lush reddish-brown mat of fur surrounding Karen's bigger, meatier cunt mouth.

Her laughter made her boobies wobble and roll on her chest, and Wanda gasped at the wonderful sensation she suddenly experienced as the twin globes hopped and bounced against one another. Anxious to know if the good feeling would continue if she made her titties bounce with her hands, Wanda grabbed one of the bobbling half moons in each palm and jiggled them frenetically, thumbing her up-raised nipples as she did so.

"Ughhhhhoooooohhhh!" Wanda found herself groaning out loud at the intensity of the charge her manipulations caused to jolt through both pebbly pink nubs.

Wanda rubbed her titties harder and gasped as the feeling grew even hotter and spread down to her fur covered pussy mound. Warm, slick juice was suddenly flowing all up and down the panting girl's cunt sheath, making her slit gleam with tears of lubricant.

Curious, Wanda released one of her jiggling tits and slipped a cautious finger into the simmering lake of lubricant. The tiny nubbin of flesh at the top of her gash was firm and protruding further from its protective folds than she had ever seen it before and she couldn't help touching its slippery-with-juice surface as she eased her finger into the petite cuntal mouth.

"Oooooooh!" Wanda moaned with, surprise and delight as she stirred the half-buried love pearl to throbbing life with her exploring finger.

Shock waves of building pleasure shivered up Wanda's body as she teased the tiny knob, and her titties pumped up even further as her excitement grew. In no time, Wanda's finger was slick with the colorless, heavy fluid and was gliding in and out of her softly sucking box. Her ass was moving against her finger instinctively, increasing the friction as her tender pussy rippled up and down the plunging digit. Her long, thick cloak of shiny black hair flew wildly about her shoulders. Wanda mashed her titties together as she hunched in and out and tugged at the exploding nipples with her free hand.

Cummmiing! Wanda thought excitedly. The girls at school were always sniggering and talking about cumming, and now she was about to find out what all the fuss was about.

The gyrating girls cunt suddenly gripped at her finger so fiercely that Wanda was reminded of a fish swallowing a bait. The clasping pussy lips forced the girl's finger in sharply against her fully aroused clit.

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