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«Seduced by mother», Brian Laver

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The movie was almost over, but Peg still didn't know what was going on. And she was the one who wanted to see this film Jim wanted to see the western playing next door.

But Peg hadn't particularly wanted to see a movie anyhow. She just wanted to get fucked.

Jim wasn't as interested in fucking as she was. And she'd been especially eager for sex lately. If only they could have fucked before the movie, Peg might be able to relax and enjoy it.

Peg looked over at the man sitting next to her. In the light reflected from the screen Jim looked as handsome as ever. And looking at him made Peg's cunt run with hot, sweet juice.

Jim saw Peg looking at him. He turned and smiled at her. Then he put one hand on her bare knee. Peg gasped when she felt his hand. She grabbed it and slid it further up her thigh. Her short skirt moved up as she pulled Jim's hand almost to her cunt. But his elbow hit the back of the seat and his hand stopped before reaching the plump mound of her cunt.

Jim looked at Peg with puzzlement on his face. It wasn't usual for her to try to get his hand on her cunt in a crowded movie theater.

"What's up?" he whispered.

"I'm horny as hell!" Peg said.

Jim looked at Peg as though she were nuts. Why couldn't he understand, she wondered?

"Are you really interested in this movie?" Peg asked him.

"Well, I do want to see the rest of it, if that's what you mean," Jim said.

"Sh-h-h-h-h-h," someone behind them hissed.

Peg sat back in her seat and faced the screen. Just her luck to be dying of horniness and being shut in a movie theater with a guy who wanted to stay to see the end of a dull film.

As she stewed in the heat of her lust, Peg began moving her hand up one of her thighs. She didn't want Jim to see what she was up to, so she moved her hand very slowly.

Finally, her fingers reached the wet crotch of her panties. She wasn't surprised to find the nylon between her legs soaked with her juice. She'd been dying for a fucking ever since Jim picked her up that evening.

Peg fucked her fingers into the leg-hole of her panties and slid them through the tangled hair. A gasp escaped from her lips even though she was trying to keep her actions a secret.

Then, biting on her lip to keep quiet, she dipped a few fingertips into the drooling slot of her cunt.

The seat to her right was empty, and Jim was engrossed in the movie. Peg thought she could get away with jerking off right there in her seat.

Her middle finger inserted itself in the entrance to her flowing tunnel. Her index finger found the hard kernel of her clit. Then she began wiggling the fingers like she did when she jerked off at home. But she did it more slowly and gently now. After all, if she jerked off just like she did at home the whole audience would immediately know what was going on.

Peg drew in a deep breath through her nostrils as she began to feel the exquisite sensations of masturbation. She lifted her other hand to her mouth to muffle any sounds that she might make.

"M-mf," she grunted quietly into her hand as she pressed a little harder on her clit.

Peg looked out of the corner of her eye to see if she had attracted Jim's attention. But he was still staring intently at the screen.

Now Peg was getting braver. She pressed her hand farther up into her crotch. She added her middle finger to the finger she already had up her cunt. And she put her thumb on her clit to take over where the index finger had left off.

With two fingers up her snatch, Peg could pretend that it was a stiff prick in there. And she began to slide them in and out with as much speed as she dared under the circumstances.

"Ah-h-h-h-h," she sighed as quietly as she could.

But this time Jim's attention was attracted. Peg saw him look over at her. Then his eyes were drawn to her lap. He stared down there for several seconds. After all, it wasn't a sight he expected to see, and at first he couldn't believe what he saw.

"For Christ's sake!" he whispered. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"I told you I was horny!" Peg whispered back at him. "I can't help it."

Then Peg saw Jim's head swivel around to see if anyone else had noticed what was going on. Peg smiled at Jim's concern for her modesty. And Peg was glad to find that she didn't care at all if anyone else knew what she was doing. She didn't care if the whole audience knew.

"Oooooo," she moaned. It was louder than any other sound she'd made so far.

"Goddamn it!" Jim hissed. "At least you can try to be quiet."

By this time Peg was shaking in her seat. Jim could feel his seat rocking with her motion. He knew that the whole row of seats would be moving with her lustful shaking.

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