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«Her special delivery», Bobby Keller

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Dear Connie and Bob Sept. 26

I am Bill (M08) 5' 71/2", 150 lbs., light brown hair, blue eyes and I love to swing.

It was certainly good to hear from you because there doesn't seem to be many Swingers in this area and I miss out on lots of fun. My Polaroid was stolen a couple of months ago is the reason I have not enclosed a photo. I do wish very much to correspond and meet if possible and will send a photo as soon as possible.

Please tell me about your swinging activities. It sounds like you're Swingers first class. I love exhibitionism and all the standard sexual activities and also most of the unusual sex cults but do enjoy the French Arts very much.

The tongue and feel is very important and stimulating sexual tool. I love to lick and suck the entire female body but especially the nipples and clit. Also I love to have myself licked and sucked especially my penis and balls. I like intercourse in usual positions and group intercourse and sex stimulation is really exciting.

I have always wanted to have a group part and have everyone cover themselves with whipped cream then mingle close together and lick it off each other slowly and deliciously.

Does this sound good to you? There are so many more fun group games that we can talk about later.

When you write please enclose your letter in an inner envelope and mark it "personal".

Please write soon. I'll call you after 5:00 P.M. Kansas City time if you like?



Bob had just left the house when the Special Delivery letter came. I could feel the swollen lips of my pussy quivering from the excitement that Bill's letter hinted at. I don't know why but receiving a letter from a Swinger always excites me terribly. My pussy was still swollen and full of cum from last night.

Bob had gone out to the Blue Bird and met a nice young guy and brought him home. I had been over at an apartment next door where two cool boys lived. They had fucked me until they couldn't get their beautiful pricks hard again. When I got ready to leave, I couldn't find my panties, and before I got home their hot delicious cum was running down my legs to my ankles.

Bob and Dick came in about ten minutes after I did. All I had on was a pair of bright pink panties and a pale blue shorty night gown. Bob made us all drinks and sat down beside me. I could feel my full breasts tighten and my bright pink nipples harden under Dick's gaze. Bob kissed me and ran his hand under my nightie. I reached down and caressed the bulge of his huge prick and moaned with pleasure when I felt Dick sit down beside me. I reached over and took his hand and put it between my thighs. Bob got up and went to the bathroom. Dick and I didn't waste any time. His long finger slipped under my wet panties and in between the swollen lips of my cum-filled pussy. I unzipped his pants and pulled his big throbbing prick out. It was almost as big as Bob's. I lay my head in his lap and started running my tongue up and down its hot length.

Dick moaned and pushed his hips up towards my face. My lips slipped over the swollen head and began sucking it feverishly. He groaned, pushing his prick deep in my throat and his hot cum shot out in thick heavy squirts. The three of us went to bed then. Dick kept telling me he was sorry he'd cum so fast, but he hadn't had a piece of pussy in over a month. He and Bob fucked and ate me until I passed out from the pleasure and exhaustion.

I got my stationery and lay on the bed to write Bill an answer.

Hi there, Sept. 28

I received your exciting letter today, and was really pleased. I really love exciting men who are uninhibited. I think corresponding with you will be very exciting.

I want you to know that we do not care if you're married or not. I love to be loved by married men… they're much more capable than most single ones.

What type of clothes do you like for a woman to wear? What color bras, panties do you like? I love to wear mini-skirts, short-shorts, bikinis, low cut blouses and tight pants. I have a pair of thin, white knit bell-bottoms that I love to wear. They're skin tight and you can see through them. I like to wear my leopard print panties with them too.

Did I tell you I'm a natural blonde? My fat little pussy is dark blonde and is always hot and kinda itchy. Bob thinks I've got the sweetest pussy he's ever licked and he's had a lot of experience. Sometimes he sucks and nibbles on my clit until I almost go crazy. I love to suck a man's hardness all the way… it's a groovy feeling to feel him climax.

Your whipped cream idea sounds wild. If you get a chance to visit us we'll have to try it. You two can cover me and then lick it all off. There's nothing I love more than having two experienced men loving on me at the same time. That's really our bag… threesomes. It's really wild to see and feel how excited two men get when they're loving on the same woman. I can never get enough either. Sometimes I get so excited at work that I want to run home and tear Bob's clothes off! But sometimes I meet a sexy guy before I get home and WOW!

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