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«Tied up nurse», Bob Hawkins

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Her heart pounding, Lynn Richards pushed the chair back against the wall, pulled out the small table next to it, then took a deep breath as she surveyed the room. The center of the floor was clear of furniture, now. She went to the door and made certain it was securely locked – only her sister had a duplicate key. Lynn crossed the room, wobbling slightly in her brand-new high heels, and went into the kitchen. There, she reached far back into the freezer compartment of her refrigerator and chose one of her special ice cubes!

Lynn had several of these peculiar objects in the freezer. Each cube held a small key and a long piece of string. The string was not attached to the key, so that when the cube melted sufficiently, the key could drop freely to the floor.

The key fit the high-quality steel handcuffs Lynn had bought.

Lynn returned to the living room and used a low stool to reach the hook in the ceiling and tie the loose end of the string to it. The cube now dangled in front of Lynn's pretty face, a few feet from the ceiling.

Lynn stepped down from the stool and admired the hanging cube of ice with its captured key. Unconsciously, the blonde smoothed the tight material of her starched white nurse's uniform over her firm asscheeks.

Wetting her lips, Lynn moved the stool out of her way, then brought the rest of her special equipment from the couch to the center of the floor.

Kneeling with the equipment before her, and working swiftly, efficiently – she'd done this to herself many times before, and the ice cube was already melting – Lynn opened her mouth wide and stuffed a pair of her panties between her lips, fitting the silky material fully into her mouth, poking the last edges back behind her immaculate straight teeth, then clamping her jaws on the soft mass. Her teeth wouldn't quite come together.

With trembling fingers, she reached down to the pile of silk and steel at her knees and picked out a single black stocking. This she wrapped several times around her head, fitting it between her teeth over the panty-gag and tying it behind her neck awkwardly lifting her long thick mane of loose blonde hair out of the way as she did so.

She worked her jaws for a second, testing the strength and fit of the silk and nylon gag.


Next, she took up a pair of the steel handcuffs, admiring for a brief moment the glistening coldness of the hard silver surface. Twisting and reaching behind her, she slipped the first cuff over one slim white-stocking-clad ankle, locking it tightly, her blood racing as she listened to the inevitable snaps of the cuff locking home.

A tug proved that the cuff wasn't about to release itself.

Twisting the other way, still on her knees, Lynn fit the second cuff over her other ankle. She clicked it shut, pressing it tightly around her ankle.

Her feet were now locked close together, the toes of her new high-heeled shoes pointing into the rug, the heels pointing toward the kitchen.

Turning around again, the nurse lifted her blindfold from the pile. This was a soft device of her own clever design. It shut out all possible light and locked behind her neck with a small padlock. She kept the key in the top of her closet, so there was no chance of getting to it – until she had released herself from the strenuous bondage.

She pulled the strap tight at the back of her neck and hooked the tiny padlock through the loop. She snapped it shut.

Her long blonde hair fell from under the hood of the blindfold and lay softly down her back, shifting over the back of her white uniform as she moved, binding herself tighter and tighter.

With shaking hands, Lynn unbuttoned the front of her uniform down to her waist and pushed the edges of the sleek material aside so that her bra encased tits thrust out. She fumbled with the gear on the floor for a moment, choosing the belt she had designed.

She wrapped the belt around her upper body, and when it was pulled tight, it forced her beautiful tits almost flat against her ribcage. Lynn pulled the belt through the buckle over her breasts, gasping as the constriction forced the air from her lungs. It was now terribly hard to breathe, and impossible to fill her lungs completely.

Dangling from the belt were two metal alligator clips, and these Lynn proceeded to attach to her soft nipples, tenderly, pulling the dark flesh away from the full mound of her tits, then pinching her nipples between her thumb and index finger to make them prominent. She slipped the teeth of the metal clip over the sensitive flesh, letting them bite into her skin right through the smooth material of her bra.

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