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Perry Anne

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01. A Sudden, Fearful Death Читать →

Жанр: Детектив (не относящийся в прочие категории) Природа и животные Another Perry mystery that highlights the frustrating status of women in Victorian England. The story hinges on society's low opinion of nurses and of both single and married women who seek abortions. A talented nurse is found strangled, and Inspector Monk and his friends, a nurse and a lawyer, follow the clues to see that…

02. The Sheen of the Silk Читать →

Жанр: Детектив (не относящийся в прочие категории) Современная проза New York Times bestselling novelist Anne Perry, the undisputed Queen of Victorian mysteries and the author of an acclaimed series set during World War I, now broadens her canvas with her first major stand-alone book – an epic historical novel set in thirteenth-century Constantinople, where a woman must live a lie in her quest to…