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Marston Edward

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01. The Amorous Nightingale Читать →

Жанр: Исторический детектив Природа и животные «Moll Davis performed the song (My Lodging is on the Cold Ground) so charmingly that, not long after, it raised her from a bed on the Cold Ground, to a Bed Royal. John Downes, Roscius Anglicanus

02. Trip to Jerusalem Читать →

Жанр: Исторический детектив Современная проза «Dat poenas laudata fides To Lord Lucas of Ormeley I know not how I shall offend in dedicating my unpolisht lines to your Lordship, nor how the worlde will censure mee for choos ing so strong a proppe to support so weake a burthen, onelye if your Honour seeme but pleased, I account my selfe highly praised, and vowe…