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Christie Agatha

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01. Ein diplomatischer Zwischenfall Читать →

Жанр: Боевая фантастика Классический детектив Scherz Krimi-Klassiker Spitzenklasse in Spannung und Niveau Eine Sammlung aus den englischen Originalwerken: В»The Adventure of the Christmas PuddingВ« und В»The Hound of DeathВ«

02. Lord Edgware Dies Читать →

Жанр: Классический детектив Научная Фантастика «To Dr and Mrs Campbell Thompson

03. Parker Pyne Investigates Читать →

Жанр: Классический детектив Философия «Four grunts, an indignant voice asking why nobody could leave a hat alone, a slammed door, and Mr Packington had departed to catch the eight-forty-five to the City. Mrs Packington sat on at the breakfast table. Her face was flushed, her lips were pursed, and the only reason she was not crying was that at…

04. The A.B.C. Murders Читать →

Жанр: Классический детектив Триллер «In this narrative of mine I have departed from my usual practice of reporting only those incidents and scenes at which I myself was present. Certain chapters, therefore, are written in the third person. I wish to assure my readers that I can vouch for the occurrences related in these chapters. If I have taken a certain…

05. Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks Читать →

Жанр: История Классический детектив A fascinating exploration of the contents of Agatha Christie's 73 recently discovered notebooks, including illustrations, deleted extracts, and two unpublished Poirot stories. When Agatha Christie died in 1976, aged 85, she had become the world's most popular author. With sales of more than two billion copies worldwide in more than 100 countries, she had achieved…