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«Hot Mouthed Nymphos», Anthony Hammond

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"Golly, how about that? There was my own mom telling me about her sixty-nine orgies with my dad and it was so wonderful, so exciting, hearing it. Hearing it, hell I also wanted to see it! If I'm going to learn about such things, I thought, I can learn a lot better with the real thing in front of me, not just a vague sort of mental picture.

"Yeah, that does sound kind of nice,' I said, burning with unfulfilled curiosity. 'And thanks a lot, ma, for telling me. I appreciate it… a whole lot. Now when I get to New York and those big-city wolves make like they want to fuck me, I'll know what to do. Only… only I wish I could see you and dad sucking each other off so I'd really know what to do.’

"Would you, child? Would you honestly like to see your pa and me going at it?’

"I'd love to honestly.’

"'It would have to be secret. We couldn't let your sisters watch. They're still a little too young for such things.’

"I’ll lock my bedroom door, then hide in your closet just before you and pa go to bed. Okay? Is that okay with you, mom?' I could feel my cunt beginning to juice up, already wanting some of this treatment for itself, not wanting to wait for the. hot-mouths of New York City.

"By now we'd finished my packing and my mom was walking slowly toward the door, thinking. 'All right… all right. You can hide in our closet and watch us tonight. But you'll have to be real quiet because I don't know how pa would take it if he found out.' She said this without turning around to me, as though she was simply thinking out loud. And then she was out of the door, on her way to the kitchen.

"Thanks heaps for helping me pack, mom,' I called to her. 'Thanks heaps for everything ’

"Now I suppose you think that was pretty terrible, a mother conspiring with her daughter to show her a sixty-nine session between her own parents. But I can't help what you think, or anybody else, for that matter. I just know that I thought it very intelligent, at the time, for a mother to offer a live demonstration of sex to her daughter for the purpose of education. And I still think it was intelligent. What the hell, that's the trouble with most parents: they tell their kids very little about the facts of life and show them nothing. So what do you get? You get generations of kids who have to find out for themselves, and get hurt bad in the process.

"Anyway, I was on pins and needles the rest of the day, waiting for bedtime to come, and not just because I'd wake up the next morning for the last time at home, trading my farm home for a nifty little apartment in the big, big city where I hoped to make it big, too. No, I was looking forward to seeing the show of my life, right there on the farm, better than any show on Broadway, or Hollywood, or anywhere. Best of all, the stars of the show would be my own ma and pa. And the name of the show was S-U-C-K. Or rather I should say, D-O-U-B-L-E S-UC-K. Sure, it had an X rating, but then don't all good shows?

"So, when my ma and pa's bedtime rolled around, there I was, stashed in their closet behind some clothes in case my dad peeked in and trusting my mom to open the closet door a little before she got too involved in her orgy. A few minutes later, the stars of the show came on stage, so to speak, and the curtain lifted on Scene One.

"Good and faithful trouper that she was, my mother first opened the closet door for me about six inches, then she went straight to my dad and planted a great, big passionate kiss on his mouth. I could see her thrusting her tongue far into his mouth, pushing her pussy area hard against the fly of his overalls. And she wasn't doing this just for my benefit; no, she was actually in heat from the idea of the impending sixty-nine orgy, with me watching.

"And my dad was quick to comprehend and respond, for he shoved his fly right back at her, and I could see him sucking avidly on her tongue, then thrusting his own into her mouth. A few seconds later, they had their clothes off and he was sucking her little peach-size tits, at the same time grabbing and squeezing the nice, firm, dimpled cheeks of her ass, his huge, circumcised cock sticking straight out above his enormous balls. Then they disappeared into the bathroom.

"For about five minutes I could hear water splashing in the bathroom and muffled voices. Although the voices of my mom and dad weren't very distinct held down low to keep them from carrying into their childrens’ rooms I caught a few words. 'What flavor would you like tonight, dear mint or marshmallow?' I heard my mother ask. Sonovabitch! They've even got different flavors, I chuckled softly to myself. Then I heard my dad's beautiful, very gallant answer. 'Fussy flavor,’ he said. 'You know that I can’t get enough of your own sweet flavor, especially when you have an orgasm and shoot your come in my mouth. Oh, mama, how I do love to drink that nice honey-come of yours!’

"My old man… what a hot-suckin' muff diver he turned out to be! And, somehow, I loved him all the more for it. He was making my mom happy, that was the main thing; but he was also making my own pussy juices Sow, thrilling me, too. I was wearing one of those simple country nightgowns with no panties underneath, so it was easy for me to reach under and insert my fingers into my cunt, feeling the hot cream. And I wasn't about to waste that good cream either; by the time mom and daddy returned to the bedroom where I could see them, I had it nicely smeared over my hard, erected clit, making it easy to masturbate.

"C'mon, mama, let's don't fool around with too many preliminaries tonight. We're both too hot. Come over here and squat down on my face so I can jam my tongue way up deep in that big, juicy cunt of yours.' That, of course, was my dad talking as he lay down on his back on the floor, craning his face up and opening his mouth wide like a newborn bird waiting for its mother to drop a worm in.

"Sure, pappa dear… sure… here it is… all the pussy you want. C'mon now, ram your tongue into my cunt hole. Ham it in… deeper, deeper, DEEPER! Ohhhhhh, pappa, that feels so good, sooooooo gooooood!' And that was my mom, squatting down on my dad's starved mouth, feeding him her great, hairy, puffy cunt, trying hard to envelop his head completely in her hole.

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