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«Hot Mouthed Nymphos», Anthony Hammond

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Chapter 1

Proof of the Pudding

"My mother and dad may have been old-fashioned in many ways working long hours on the farm, taking us kids to church every Sunday, and never sashaying through the house minus their clothes but they sure weren't dumb on the subject of modern sex. And I don't mean the kind of sex that's involved in breeding farm livestock, either.

"Like it was yesterday, I can still hear my dad saying a little worriedly to mom: 'You'd better get Francine off and tell her what to watch out for in New York… else she might run into some trouble.' Then my mom, turning to me with a loving smile and saying: 'Your pa's right, honey. Come, let's go upstairs and talk while I help you finish your packing.' My two kid sisters wanted to come, too, so they could listen in, but my dad ordered them to go out and play. What mom had to say to me was none of their business, he said.

"Up in my room, I got the word, all right, and mom didn't pull any punches. She laid it right on the line, using the frankest, bluntest language she knew, surprising the hell out of me. 'Honey, when you get to the big city, you gotta be real careful not to take up with the wrong men,' she cautioned as she took a mysterious little package from her apron pocket and stuck it in one of my suitcases, under my spare panties. 'There's a lot of evil ones there, slick-talkin' dudes who pull all kinds of sly tricks on innocent little country gals like you, just to get at their virgin pussies.’

"Sure, I was a virgin then, but how did mom know? I could’ve been laid a hundred or more times, because the boys around home liked to fuck, too. As much as big-city guys. Some of them had already tried to feel me up and get me hot so they could horse around between my legs, and maybe stick their cocks in me. And they might've made the grade with me too, if it hadn't been for my fear of getting knocked up, which would've wrecked all my plans for a career in advertising. I'd studied, too hard, learning copy-writing, public relations, and all that, and saved too long for the job-hunting trip to New York, to let anything interfere.

"Oh, mom, you and daddy don't have anything to worry about where I'm concerned,’ I replied. 'I'm not the least bit interested in men and sex. Even if I was interested, I won't have the time when I get to New York; I'll be too busy looking for an opening in one of the big Madison Avenue agencies and working hard to move up to a good, responsible position with big pay. If I accept any dates, it will only be with the agency executives, men who can help my career. They won't try anything funny with me, like having sex with me, because they are gentlemen who will respect me.’

"My mom sort of sighed, then, and shook her head. 'I hope so, Francine… I hope so. But men are men, regardless of the gentlemanly front they put on. Let one of them get a hard on for you and he'll try to get into your panties. It never fails. I learned that before I married your pa. Then, when that happens, I found out, a girl can usually do just one of three things to keep him on the string…’

"I stopped my packing for a minute and looked straight at her, kind of amazed at her worldliness and wisdom in such matters and kind of proud, too. I'd always loved my parents dearly, positive that I had the best mom and dad in the whole world, but at the same time I'd thought of them as being pretty damned stodgy. Now I was learning different; they weren't stodgy at all. In fact, they were real hep, letting me in on some of the bare facts of life.

"One of what three things, mom?' I asked, curious as hell. Up to now I'd figured that a girl only had one choice: getting flicked.

"Well, honey when a girl or woman finds herself in a spot where a man is real hot for her pussy and determined to get his nuts off you know, satisfy his passion she can hold his friendship either by letting him put his big, stiff cock-organ in her pussy so he can get his nuts off that way or she can jerk him off with her hands, or she can… '

"Yes, mom? She can…?’

"She can take his cock into her mouth and suck him off, like I do to your pa ever so often.' There was a little flush of embarrassment on mom's face as she said this, but she went on packing one of my suitcases and talking. 'Pa loves it that way, better than fuckin', he says, and I reckon that most other men do, too. It makes them shoot their wad real quick, when a girl is good at it, and there's no danger of pregnancy. If it wasn't for me doing that to your pa, we'd probably have two dozen kids by now, instead of three.’

"I was flabbergasted, thinking it was awfully selfish of dad. The lousy bum! Up till now I'd always had him pegged as the most unselfish guy I'd ever known. And I told my mom so.

"Hold on, honey,' she said with a mischievous little chuckle, 'your pa ain't all that bad. You see, I haven't told you everything… not quite. You oughta know that your pa wouldn't leave me hangin' all hot and bothered in mid-air. He loves me too much for that. In fact, he takes care of me real good… real good.’ As she said this, she impulsively pressed her pussy against the corner of the table, thinking I wouldn't notice. The mental vision of what she was about to tell me was obviously getting her cunt itchy and hot.

"Mom, that ain't fair, teasing me like that,' I scolded. 'Just how does pa take good care of you while you're sucking his cock? C'mom, please tell me. That's the whole purpose of our talk, isn't it, for me to learn these things?’

"Mom flushed a deeper shade of red and turned her face away as she said, 'Well, child, I suppose I might as well tell you: pa sucks my pussy, too, while I'm sucking him. We play a little game called sixty-nine, sucking each other off after he gets me in heat by kissing and tonguing me all over my breasts and stomach, and that way we both end up having a great big orgasm. Of course, we wash ourselves good first, so there's nothing unsanitary about it. In fact it's really quite wholesome and nice.’

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